9 Most Flavorful 'Burnt' Trailer Moments, Because Bradley Cooper's Culinary Skills Will Make You Hungry — VIDEO

If there is one thing that gets me excited to go to the movies it’s the movie snacks. And if there’s another thing that gets me excited to go to the movies it’s Bradley Cooper. In that order. Movies. Snacks. Bradley Cooper. So when I heard that Bradley Cooper was starring in the new film Burnt about a chef who is struggling to make a comeback after some serious bad luck, I was pumped. Bradley Cooper in a movie about food? Sign. Me. Up.

And as if the idea of these amazing entities coming together wasn’t enough, I watched the most recent trailer for the film and just about died. The entire thing makes me so hungry — for food and, let's be honest, for Cooper — that I had to eat a few crackers before finishing it.

The film tells the story of Adam Jones, a renowned chef who is determined to head the best kitchen in the world. But he has to overcome some serious adversity first, like all of his debts and all of the people he pissed off along the way. The film also stars Sienna Miller as Helene, a fellow chef who doesn’t realize her own potential. You can imagine what happens between the two of them. Lots of heated cooking scenes. Lots of spoon-feeding each other delectable dishes.

But those are only a few of the trailer’s most flavorful moments. Check out the list below for all of them, and then take a look at the trailer and see for yourself. I’m warning you though, have a snack first.

1. Bradley Cooper On A Motorcycle

This is self-explanatory, no?

2. Bradley Cooper Street Fighting

Apparently this chef has some serious enemies to contend with on his way to the top.

3. Those Knife Skills

You know Cooper took a lesson or two to have such a serious handle on that blade. The only thing better than a broken man is a man who can cook, am I right?

4. This Man Has A Dream

To make his kitchen the best in the world. Talk about some seriously lofty goals to work toward. Will he make it? Won’t he make it? We’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

5. All That Butter

So many amazing cooking scenes with huge pats of melting butter. You’re definitely not going to want to go to this movie hungry.

6. Sweaty Sienna Miller

From the heat of the kitchen, of course. What were you thinking? Seriously though, she looks incredible even when she’s a sweaty mess.

7. Culinary Orgasms

Apparently that’s what these chefs are really going for.

8. That Sexy Feeding Scene

It’s no 9 ½ Weeks, but when Cooper spoon-feeds Miller a taste of something delicious, I went a little weak in the knees.

9. When He Makes A Cake For Helene’s Daughter

You guys, he has such a soft side!

Told you it would make you hungry. Go get yourself a snack, and get yourself to the movies when this movie comes out in theaters on October 23rd.

Image: The Weinstein Company (10)