Justin Theroux's 'Leftovers' Sweatpants Are The Perfect Tribute To 'Friends'

In hilarious peek-a-boo news, Justin Theroux opened up about the infamous jogging scene in The Leftovers that left very little to the imagination. In case you missed it, Theroux's character, Kevin, loves to take jogs. During one scene featuring his workout regimen, a full-body shot of Theroux during Season 1 gave way to the fact that his sweatpants — though assuredly comfortable — failed to offer much concealment in the...er...crotchal region. As a surprise to no one, video of the scene went viral.

For those who are hoping for more situations involving audacious athletic attire during Season 2, I'm about to severely disappoint you.

"There are no jogging scenes," Theroux told TVLine. "[Kevin's] athletic routine has really taken a dive. No running around."

Before you go railing at the various twitter accounts and YouTube users that helped Theroux's sweatpants become the breakout (pun very much intended) star of Leftovers, co-director Damon Lindelof maintains that the consequences that come with loose-fitting fabric have nothing to do with any change in the show's trajectory.

"Justin is the protector of his own manhood. And if he chooses to flaunt it, then I celebrate that. If he wants to be more discreet about it, then I embrace that as well."

Either way, I don't anticipate the fervor around sweatpants-gate dissipating so quickly, particularly being that it is so reminiscent of his wife, Jennifer Aniston's, former NBC hit, Friends.

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Wait, what?! That's right. Upon viewing the scene that featured more of Theroux than I had ever anticipated seeing, I had a sudden epiphany. Minus the pathos, Kevin is basically the same person as Phoebe's boyfriend, Robert, from the iconic series' third season. Like Kevin, Robert is a strapping and athletic gentleman who unwittingly has chosen some revealing sportswear.

These poor guys are innocuously trying to go about their day, and simply can't help that their garments cause things to "get a little testy." You are welcome in advance for both the Leftovers news and that sweet Friends throwback clip. Nostalgia — amiright?

In all seriousness, both Friends and Leftovers are phenomenal pieces of television you should binge-watch immediately — even when the wardrobe choices are decidedly less scandalous.