Tom Cruise Holds Breath For 6 Minutes In 'Rogue Nation' Clip, Proving He Is Likely Superhuman — VIDEO

If I'm underwater for more than 45 seconds, I am beyond ready to come up for air. You could say I feel the need... the need for more O2. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, on the other hand, would be cool as a cucumber for several more minutes. To prepare for that extended underwater scene in Mission: Impossible— Rogue Nation, the legend named Tom Cruise learned how to hold his breath for six minutes. SIX MINUTES IS BONKERS-IMPRESSIVE. "Show me the money," I said the second I read this Cruise news. "Video or it didn't happen." Well, what do you know! Access Hollywood shared an exclusive video of Cruise training for the Rogue Nation sequence that takes place underwater. I love any story that contributes to the mythos of Tom Cruise the Superhuman, so yeah, this particular celeb news item is right up my alley.

"Six minutes must break some sort of record," I said the second I was done watching the video. Well, get this: It does not break some sort of record. Guinness World Record-holder Stig Serverinsen spent 22 minutes underwater without air in 2012. Holy ghost protocol. That dude's lungs are the Eighth Wonder of the World.

OK, forget I said anything about records. The Rogue Nation star's ability to hold his breath for that long is still bonkers-impressive. Do you want to watch a time-lapse video of the superhuman/actor holding his breath for six minutes? Silly question, right? Of course you do.

I like to call this clip Mission: Possible— Hold Breath For An Inordinate Amount Of Time. Catchy, huh?