19 Beautiful Mugs For Jane Austen-Lovers

Whether coffee, tea, or something else is your beverage of choice, mugs are a kitchen necessity. Our homes just aren't complete without the handy cups and the shot of personality they inject into our cupboards. They're both functional and fun, as well as the perfect way to showcase our passions, hobbies, and inspirations — Jane Austen included.

It’s a fact: Austen’s work is special, and no one will ever convince me or her legions of devoted fans otherwise. Her books are so fantastic that we should all celebrate them as often as possible, and one great way to do just that is by making or buying mugs inspired by her. There’s no shortage of options out there, so it's easy to put your Austen fandom on display.

Not just any writer could spur me on to comb Etsy for items to help us express the extent of our adoration, but then again, few authors have stood the test of time like Jane Austen has. Between her beloved characters, amazing quotes, and still relevant life lessons, she has truly earned her distinction. If anyone deserves to be on a mug, it’s Austen.

Here are 19 mugs (including one set of five) that belong in the home of any Jane Austen-lover:

Jane Austen Books Mug

There aren't many sights a bookworm loves more than good books, so give yourself an excuse to look at Austen's collection on the reg with this mug.

Jane Austen Books Mug, $12.50, NeuronsNotIncluded, Etsy

An Artist Cannot Do Anything Slovenly Mug

Let this piece of wisdom Austen shared in a letter to her sister Cassandra on Nov. 25, 1798 inspire you every day: "An artist cannot do anything slovenly."

An Artist Cannot Do Anything Slovenly Mug, $16, Brookish, Etsy

Jane Austen Mug

Honor Austen with this mug that features her profile. As a bonus, the back has the opening paragraph of Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen Mug, $14, BlackbirdStudioUK, Etsy

Jane Austen Inspirational Quote Mug

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea a reminder of true love. The quote may be from Mr. Darcy's ill-fated first Pride and Prejudice proposal, but he got it right the next time, so it can represent second chances, too.

Jane Austen Inspirational Quote Mug, $18, shopnevermore, Etsy

Anne Elliot And Captain Wentworth By The Sea Mug

Arguably the best Austen couple after Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth's love deserves to be commemorated on a mug, too.

Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth by the Sea Mug, $16, CardsArtandGifts, Etsy

Pride And Prejudice Mug

If Pride and Prejudice is your favorite book, this pretty mug deserves a place in your cupboard.

Pride and Prejudice Mug, $23, LittleThoughtBubbles, Etsy

Jane Austen Quote Mug

For the times when you just feel like staying in, this mug will completely capture how you feel, even if the quote it features comes from Emma's not-so likable Mrs. Elton. "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort," it says.

Jane Austen Quote Mug, $16, Brookish, Etsy

I'd Rather Be At Pemberley Mug

If you daydream about the fine woods and fish-filled streams of Pemberley — not to mention its dashing master — this mug is perfect for you.

I'd Rather Be At Pemberley Mug, $12.95, DeliciousAccessories, Etsy

Jane Austen Sense & Sensibility Quote Mug

Written in Jane Austen's handwriting, this Sense and Sensibility quote is inspiring: "It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do."

Jane Austen Sense & Sensibility Quote Mug, $10.93, ArtfulDodgerDesigns, Etsy

Keep Calm And Dream About Mr. Darcy Mug

Naturally, there's a Keep Calm mug with an Austen spin. Showcase your adoration for British culture, especially all things Mr. Darcy.

Keep Calm and Dream About Mr. Darcy Mug, $10.93, theMugHermit, Etsy

Pleasure In A Good Novel White Ceramic Mug

It's hard for us bookworms to understand those who don't enjoy reading, so capture that sentiment with this mug featuring a quote from Northanger Abbey.

Pleasure in a Good Novel White Ceramic Mug, $15, StitchesintheLibrary, Etsy

Emma Mug

Consider gifting the lovely ladies in your life — or even yourself (no judgment) — if you think this meaningful quote from Emma applies: "Where shall we see a better daughter or a kinder sister or a truer friend?"

Emma Mug, $16, Brookish, Etsy

Run Mad White Ceramic Mug

"Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!" is a fun quote from Fanny Price of Mansfield Park. It's a great motto for living your best life.

Run Mad White Ceramic Mug, $15, StitchesintheLibrary, Etsy

Complete Set Of Jane Austen Mugs

This set of five mugs is perfect if you love all of Austen's work — as you should — and want collect them all.

Complete Set of Jane Austen Mugs, $75, NeuronsNotIncluded, Etsy

Image: Brookish/Etsy