12 Jane Austen Etsy Finds That Every Fan Needs (Yes, We NEED These Things)

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In 1890, American novelist and critic W.D. Howells wrote, “The readers of Jane Austen are hardly ever less than her adorers: she is a passion and a creed, if not quite a religion.” More than a century later, Austen still engenders a passionate devotion among her readers. Being a Jane Austen fan, for many, is more than simply a matter of enjoying a good book: It’s a way of life, an identifying marker, something we (for I count myself among them) use to define ourselves as we go through our daily lives. Not content to simply read Austen’s novels over and over, we want to show our Austen-love in every way we can, through what we wear, what we do, what we watch, and how we decorate our homes. Luckily, there are a legion of like-minded, crafty people on Etsy doing the important work of taking our money and giving us charming Austen-themed merchandise in exchange. Read on for twelve of the coolest, most Austen-y things Etsy has to offer Janeites.

Image: Wikimedia

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