Heather Dubrow Sells Her Skincare Line Live On TV — The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Has Demonstrated a Head For Business This Season

Another episode of Real Housewives of Orange County that attempted to be all about Brooks and Meghan's ongoing feud... at this point, I'm bored. I'd rather watch a couple of 'wives try to sell me some stuff through my TV. Luckily for me, Heather & Terry Dubrow sold their skin line live on EVINE and no, there were no leeches in sight, thank god. But the Dubrows were looking pretty youthful (in spite of Terry's crackly dark tan), so maybe the leech treatment is going to be the next big celebrity skin trend.

As for the actual products on the "Consult Beaute" line, you can still buy them through EVINE, albeit without getting to do your best "Cinnamon" impression for the Dubrows. They look and sound just like every high-quality skincare line: chic packaging, steep pricing, and product names like "Volumagen Facial Cream & Concentrate Discovery Duo" that just roll off the tongue. According to the episode, the line sold super-duper well. No indication of that on EVINE's site — looks like all of the products are still in stock — but their four-piece kit does say "limited quantity," so maybe the onscreen appearance did help boost their success.

With all of the Brooks drama so far this season, I feel like Heather's entrepreneurial skills have taken a backseat. Normally I'd be fine with that, since Mrs. Dubrow can get a little snobby (just think back to the whole Hot in Cleveland debacle), but she has been on a roll. First she did her "champs" line, and on Twitter, she boasted that it was all sold out.

And now her skincare line is doing pretty well, too. Oh my god — could we be looking at Heather Dubrow, future lifestyle guru? If anyone could pull off the transformation from Housewife to GOOP, it would probably be Heather. We'll all be buying the HD collection from Restoration Hardware in five years, mark my words.