7 Times Kendall & Kylie Were Style Twins

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for their varied personal style, but sometimes it becomes really obvious that they are related. Kendall and Kylie Jenner look like twins in a recent Instagram post, and it's not the first time they've been almost indistinguishable. While most think of Kylie as Kim Kardashian's mini-me, but she actually dresses more like Kendall than you might have realized.

Kendall and Kylie posed together while wearing contrasting colors during a night out, and they look eerily similar. I've never thought these two looked that much alike, but with the same hair color and makeup, they are practically identical! They did keep things different in contrasting black and white outfits, but after scrolling through their Instagram accounts, I've realized that they're actually not style opposites, as I originally thought.

The youngest two members of the famous family are equally unpredictable when it comes to fashion, and although they often dress exactly the opposite of each other when they're at the same event, they actually have similar taste! Believe it or not, the Jenner sisters often rock similar outfits — just never at the same time.

Kendall is known more for her feminine laid back vibe, while Kylie is more edgy and experimental, but the two have similar taste when it comes to individual pieces, and their Instagram accounts show that they like a lot of the same styles.

Here are nine times Kendall and Kylie were style twins!

1. Yeezy Boosts

It was no surprise that Kylie would rock this shoe designed by Kanye. They match her sporty, cool-girl style.

Kendall also wore the trendy shoe, but styled it with distressed jeans instead of leggings.

2. Bright White Pants

Kylie's often seen in all-white outfits, which make her constantly changing hair color pop.

Guess who also sported bright white pants during fashion week?

3. Thigh-High Boots

The youngest Jenner showed off her long legs in her short shorts and thigh-high boots.

These could actually be the same exact boots.

4. Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are back, and Kylie knows it.

Coincidentally, Kendall also latched onto the throwback style.

5. Blonde Hair

Just one of her ever-changing hairstyles, Kylie looked fabulous with blonde hair.

Although she didn't stick with the color, Kendall also briefly went blonde.

6. Strappy Swimwear

Kylie sported some hip-hugging swimwear late in the season and looked flawless.

It looks like her big sis might have been the inspiration.

7. Black And White Blazers

She looked super chic pumping her gas in black and white.

Kendall looks just as trendy in her stylish black and white Balmain jacket.

Sisterly style at it's finest!

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