Jackson & April Need To End Things On 'Grey's'

by Lindsey Kupfer

Please don’t hate me for saying this, but I have never been on team April and Jackson on Grey’s Anatomy . The new season shows Jackson and April are having serious problems in their relationship and to be honest, I’m not all that surprised. Too many terrible things have happened for them and reconciling seems bleak at this point. I think they could really be happy again — but not together. Yeah, I said it: April and Jackson should break up. I promise I have some solid reasons, but first a little update on where the couple left off in the last episode.

The premiere episode brought April’s big return home from the military and there was no cuddly welcome from Jackson. While everyone else was asking his big plans for her homecoming, he silently sulked around the hospital snapping at anyone who dared mention his wife’s return. At the end of the episode, Jackson was sleeping in an on-call room when April walked in. She mentioned how she was going to stay there so he didn’t have to see her at home and as it turns out, he was doing the same. I assume the upcoming episode will provide more clues, but as of now, it doesn’t look like they’re going to make it — and it’s OK if they don’t!

1. April Needed To Go Away

After her baby died April needed a way to cope and joining the military as a doctor was a way for her to deal with everything that happened. Did she have to extend her time? Maybe not, but that was her choice to stay and she knew the consequences of her staying in the military. Call me crazy, but I would have probably made the same choice as her.

2. Jackson Shouldn’t Have Had To Wait

In the same way April needed to leave for herself, Jackson had every right not to wait around for her. She left for a long time and while she needed to throw herself into something, he needed to grieve with his wife. Jackson might never get over her choice to stay there. It would be better for them to split instead of living together with that anger and resentment.

3. They Don't Have The Same Values

From the very beginning these two clashed when it came to their religious views. I have known a few couples who tried to make it work with strong differences when it comes to faith, and it’s hard, if not impossible. Jackson is likely never going to understand April’s need to believe in God and she is never going to understand how he can't believe. It will always something that stands in the way of their happiness.

4. They Have Both Grown Up

Jackson and April’s relationship began on a whim when she ran out on her wedding. They had no plan and everything was perfect because they had each other. They began in such a fairy tale way, that they had to come down at some point and realize that they had to grow up, unfortunately they didn’t grow up together.

5. They Haven’t Been Happy For A Long Time

Even before losing their baby the two were bashing heads on different things. As soon as the honeymoon phase ended, they didn’t seem super happy together. I still think she should have married the cute, religious paramedic. It made so much more sense.

6. They Could Find People Better Suited For Each Other

I think they could both find someone new that would bring them back from the depression they are both going though. They both deserve happiness, I am just not convinced it’s with each other.

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