Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launches #ShowYourStrap & Lingerie Line For Breast Cancer Awareness

Although this model is no stranger to designing (and wearing) lingerie, this time around she's making a strong statement, and it's got nothing to do with fashion. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched a lingerie line for Breast Cancer Awareness. It's her 11th collection for Marks & Spencer, and the campaign sponsors seven women who have been affected by breast cancer. Released alongside the #ShowYourStrap campaign, this could be the most meaningful collection of undergarments out there.

The Rosie for Autograph collection includes the usual fragrances, lingerie, and nightwear, but it also features its first ever post-surgery bra, which is designed to make the women who wear it feel great about their bodies, according to the Marks and Spencer site. The campaign for the collection highlights seven women who have each gone through (or are currently going through) their own breast cancer experience, and is truly iconic.

Along with the fabulous models and designs, the collection launched hand-in-hand with the #ShowYourStrap campaign, a social media movement that encourages women to show their bra straps and donate to the Breast Cancer Now charity, which is hoping to raise enough money to save 9,000 women from developing breast cancer each year. Although it launched in the UK, women from all over the world are getting involved.

Want to participate? After you snap your selfie and tag #ShowYourStrap, you're encouraged to tag three of your friends to, well, show their strap as well. There's never been a better reason to show some skin!

"We really wanted to create a collection that would appeal to all women, that’s why there are a variety of beautiful lingerie and sleepwear options," Huntington-Whiteley told Grazia. "I worked alongside an expert colourist to select the vibrant pink tone that is flattering on a variety of skin tones and epitomizes femininity."

Each of the 19 pieces in the collection will donate 10 percent of proceeds to Breast Cancer Now. So, if you're a little too shy to post your selfie on social media, you can still support the cause.

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