What Is A "Good Body?"

If someone came up to you and asked you to draw a good body, what would you draw? Would it be a stick figure? A curvy lady? Yourself? BuzzFeed decided to conduct this exact experiment on the streets to see what people would come up with when asked to draw "a good body" on a white board — and guess what? I have a huge, enormous spoiler for you: All bodies are good bodies.

In addition to the people on the street, the video also features a variety of body image experts, from doctors to body positive bloggers, all of whom have some helpful things to say on what makes a "good body." Noelle, a doctor, explains, "I think a good body, or someone who is optimally healthy, is one that pays equal attention to all aspects of self, that being mind, body, and spirit." From a medical perspective, this means a variety of tests and battery points; however, she also emphasizes that numbers can be deceiving. Bodies are all different, and numbers don't tell the whole story.

Body image blogger Megan also has a strong answer, saying right out of the gate, "I think all bodies are good bodies." She continues, "When you hear that 'I have a good body' or 'I have a bad body,' it sort of bleeds through the fabric of, 'Oh, I'm a good or bad person,' 'I have a good or bad life.'" The issue is complex, with a huge variety of nuances, none of which can be ignored.

So what did the people on the street say? Here's a selection of responses. Scroll down to watch the full video — it's definitely worth it.

1. "Having Good Abs"

One woman immediately took to drawing the good body's torso, saying that abs are important to any good body. I can see here how she's emphasizing fitness; for some, although certainly not all, a muscular physique defines a good body.

2. "Being Curvy"

This woman explained that she thinks "curvy bodies can be pretty hot," which is why she decided to make her good body curvaceous.

3. "A Big Smile"

"I'm just going to draw a big smile," another participant said. How sweet is that?

4. "We Don't Need To Draw It"

This man saw the purpose behind the exercise immediately and responded, "We don't need to draw it." This? This is what I'm talking about. All bodies are good bodies!

5. It's Just The Surface

This man, who could easily be a philosopher, didn't view physicality as being the sole element of what constitutes a good body. "It's just the surface of what's going on," he said. I completely agree.

The bigger point being made here is that we can't single out one certain kind of body as the "good body" that we all aspire to have. Our bodies are all different, and they are all good. Every single one of them.

Watch the full video below for more:

Images: Morgan/Flickr; BuzzFeed Yellow/YouTube