Who Is Asher Working For On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? He Could Be A Double Agent

Look at that face. Does that face scream "mystery"? Does it scream "secrets"? Does it scream "left the mother of my child without warning"? Oops. Wrong show. But seriously, Asher Millstone is one of the best things about How to Get Away with Murder . He's a dancing freak, cluelessly self-involved, and has amazing one-liners. But, Asher might also be a double agent on HTGAWM . Whoa. Where'd that come from? It's an out there theory, but could Asher's likable, fun, and goofy personality actually be a front for another lawyer looking to take Annalise down?

Throughout her time as the HBIC, Annalise has probably made some pretty scary enemies. Most recently, Annalise has encountered a former love interest/ colleague Eve Rothlow. Eve and Annalise were in law school together, but now Eve is defending Nate — Annalise's ex-boyfriend and accused Sam killer — even though both Annalise and Eve both know Nate didn't do it. Because Eve is aware that Annalise was more involved in Sam's killing than she says, it's only a matter of time until Eve starts digging into Annalise's past. And she'll need help. Enter: Asher Millstone. While he might seem like an innocent bystander who has no idea what is going on around him, he makes for the perfect person to act as a mole.

Asher is a well-connected law student. His father is a judge, and there's no doubt that he has been surrounded by lawyers and influencers in the field for his whole life. There's a chance that he's already met Eve, and could already have a relationship with her. But why would Asher turn on Annalise?

Well, Asher is already very removed from everything that is happening in the Keating 5. He wasn't at the house the night Sam was murdered, he was with Bonnie. He is literally the only one who "doesn't know" that Sam was killed by Wes, and that Annalise helped them cover it up. He also doesn't know that Rebecca was kidnapped by the other students and brought to Annalise's house. (Revisit his role in Season 1 with Bustle's drunk recap.)

His relationship with Bonnie is also slightly questionable. While I'd like to think their relationship is really based in ~love~, there could be a chance that Asher is using Bonnie because he knows that she is the closest person to Annalise. And even if Bonnie gets hurt by Annalise and betrayed, Asher can potentially use that hurt as leverage to learn information about Annalise in hopes of taking her down.

But why would he do this? That is still a little murky. Last season, Asher's father was in hot water for covering up a case from years ago. Asher discovered it, and perhaps he was actually a lot more hurt about it than he let it come off as. Or, if Asher has a relationship with Eve, or any other lawyer hoping to defame Annalise, that could be motivating him to work from the inside.

It's hard to believe that Annalise wouldn't face something monumental stopping her from successfully getting away with murder. At the moment, Asher seems like he is just removed enough to be that force, but as we know, this show changes at a drop of the hat. Asher might not even make it through the season. (Although, let's hope, so we can see more of these dance moves.)

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