Ralph Lauren Steps Down As CEO

It's a sad day in American fashion. Brace yourselves — Ralph Lauren is stepping down from CEO of his fashion house, according to Fashionista, but there is a silver lining: he's going to retain creative control. Phew.

When it comes to all-American fashion, there's really nothing more iconic than Ralph Lauren, so my heart just about dropped when I heard that the designer was stepping down from his role as CEO of Ralph Lauren, but luckily he isn't going too far. Though Lauren will be staying on as executive chairman and chief creative officer, Stefan Larsson, former H&M executive and president of Old Navy, will be stepping into his very big shoes as CEO. But don't let the title fool you — he'll still be reporting to Ralph Lauren himself.

I guess I can see why he'd need to take a bit of a break, I mean, he's 75 years old! But at least he'll still have control, creatively speaking. So when will he step down for good? According to Perez Hilton, Lauren said, "When they start designing things I can't understand, I'll quit. But I don't feel like I'm stepping back now."

I'm just glad he's still involved, because Ralph Lauren without the actual Ralph Lauren just doesn't feel right.

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Growing up, before I worked in or really knew much about fashion, Ralph Lauren was iconic to me. My mom was always wearing his clothing, I'd be hard pressed to find my dad without a polo rider on his shirts, and, hello, Rachel Green worked at Ralph Lauren. When it came to fashion, he was it. And his superstar status has come a long way from where he started.

Just on his way to owning the fashion world.

Ralph Lauren is one of those designers whose persona is as iconic as his clothing.

Though a break is well-deserved, let's just hope we have at least a decade more of him as creative officer.

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I'm excited to see what direction the company will go in. Hopefully it doesn't veer too far from his comfort zone.