4 Hipster Halloween Costumes Based On Each Of Your Favorite Fictional Heroines

Halloween is the one night of the year when people aren't going to give you a hard time about what you're wearing, unless you're not wearing a costume at all. These shamelessly hipster Halloween costumes, styled by yours truly, are anything but mainstream. Drawing inspiration from hipster fashion, you can create some pretty fantastic costumes that recall the iconic styles of great heroines from the big and small screens without breaking hipster rule numero uno — being completely unoriginal. Additionally, these styles might even look totally normal in your local artisanal coffee shop.

As I mentioned before, the cardinal rule of Halloween is that you can't get shade for your costume. So whether you usually identify as a total basic (no shame) or a free range, 100 percent organic, vinyl-collecting hipster, you can dress up as literally anything you wish without drawing the ire of the everyday haters who see a pair of skinny jeans and start to twitch, internally.

For my fellow millennial women, it's kind of like a Sanderson Sisters situation — we're pretty much good to wear what we want for this one night of the year.

So, if you're trying to be totes original this Halloween, let these styles be your inspiration, because things are about to get kale-tastic.

1. Hipster Khaleesi

The Mother of Dragons is all about being the HBIC — she was basically born to rule. So if you're feeling like a winner with unusually good posture, you can capture her Targaryen air with a palette of blues and golds. Elongate your look with skinny jeans and a crop top, and add some character with these plush dragon eggs and dragon cuff bracelet. This costume is obviously easier to pull off if you've already got long blonde hair, but an Elsa wig will work in a pinch.

2. Hipster Ariel

Feeling rebellious? Ariel is basically an icon for ambitious young women who aren't satisfied with their circumstances. Sure, she's kind of a snotty little princess, but, honestly what royal teenager isn't a bit of a mess? Celebrate Ariel's intellectual side with this outfit that is made for a day on Venice Beach, complete with this awesome shell print crop top.

3. Hipster Dorothy

Dorothy is definitely not in Kansas anymore with this hip re-imagination of her signature blue plaid smock. Just tuck the flannel into the A-line denim skirt and whammo, you're off to Oz in style — hopefully via a mode of transportation that is a little more environmentally friendly than a tornado.

4. Hipster Princess Leia

It takes a tough broad to take on a platoon of Storm Troopers all by one's self, and to date ardent and impulsive Rebel Alliance pilot-jock Han Solo. Throw your hair into side buns if you want to spend Halloween sticking it to the Galactic Empire in this hipster-Leia ensemble. Don't forget your galaxy skirt and Star Wars Coffee mug!

Images: TraciJHines/Youtube; Polyvore (4)