Rocky Writes Emile A Rejection Letter On 'Below Deck' & It's Secretly Harsh

I feel like the situation between Rocky and Emile on Below Deck is going to get much worse before it gets better. Though she has led him on a bit throughout the season, Rocky has mostly been straight with Emile that she's not interested in pursuing anything romantic with him since their disastrous date a couple of episodes ago. Unfortunately, Emile hasn't been getting Rocky's very clear spoken rejection, so she had to write a blunt rejection letter to Emile in the hopes that he would finally leave her alone in the love department.

Rocky was completely smitten with Emile until she actually experienced what it would be like to date the guy. She now sees Emile as immature but still a close friend. Unfortunately, Emile still has romantic feelings for Rocky. He has talked about visiting her and her family in California and the not-so-family-friendly topic of getting it on with Rocky on the boat.

So you see why Rocky desperately needed Emile to get off her back. Instead of taking Kate's advice to tell Emile she has a boyfriend, sleep with Dane or Leon, or hire Emile a prostitute, Rocky decided to express her true feelings for the deckhand by taking some pen to paper. Or should I say a Sharpie to a crumpled up sheet? However you describe Rocky's letter to Emile, its message should be loud and clear to any viewer at home:

"Emile, I think you are great and awesome. You have a wonderful personality, but I have no feelings for you. (None!) I hope we can still be friends. (I'm serious.) Love, Rocky"

It should also be noted that the entire message was written in all caps, because Rocky. But at least she signed it off with "Love" at the end, eh?

Yikes. That note was cringeworthy all around, wasn't it? But if a guy doesn't get what it means when you tell him that you want him to treat you like a sister, not like a lover, then you've just got to come out and say exactly what you mean.

The end of the episode showed Rocky handing the letter to Emile, who opened it and then left a huge cliffhanger for us all as to how he's going to react to it. The teaser for next week's episode showed that it's probably going to be not well. But then again, I thought someone was going to get fired in Tuesday night's episode based off of last week's teaser, so what do I know?

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo