10 Halloween Costumes You Can Do Using Only Makeup

by Miki Hayes

Whether you've waited till the last minute to choose a costume (again), or dressing up just really isn't your thing, no worries. There are plenty of ways to use only makeup for your Halloween costume this year. And honestly, a more-involved makeup look is my favorite way to dress up for Halloween. There's no scampering around to come up with a costume, and you don't have to shell out extra cash for something you might only wear once anyway. Plus, if you really enjoy just playing with makeup, Oct. 31 is the perfect time to experiment.

The only catch with ditching a recognizable outfit in favor of a Halloween makeup look is that it usually has to be a little more extreme than the regular vampy makeup you might don with a traditional costume. So whether that means some extra gore, paint, or rhinestones, you might have to bump up the time and attention from what you usually spend on your makeup (unless you frequently bedazzle your face, because hey, that's cool too). Whichever direction you choose to go though, you won't have to worry about finding a last-minute costume with these 10 Halloween makeup tutorials to inspire you. But a fair warning: some of these looks might require some practice.

1. Stitched Mouth

The stitched-mouth look is a fairly easy one to try that will still give a totally creepy vibe.

2. Vampire

Vampires don't have to have capes and period gowns. Just throw on all black with this makeup look and you're good to go.

3. Double Face

Perfect for tricking your friends into thinking they're drunker than they are. What are you talking about I have two faces? I didn't even dress up this year...

4. Stretched Lips (SFX)

If you have a handle on the whole paint and latex thing, how about this shocking, exposed-gums look?

5. Snapchat Puking Rainbow

And if you just can't get enough of the new Snapchat effects, pick your favorite for your Halloween costume.

6. Skull

For those of you with a steady hand, try this skull makeup on for size.

7. Pop Art

Because who doesn't want to dress her face up in rhinestones? I'm totally going to this year.

8. Cheshire Cat

Maybe you'll still want a pair of ears or some double top-knots, but you can pretty much wear anything you want with this cute yet creepy makeup.

9. Missing Eyes (SFX)

You could even wear pajamas with this gory makeup look. People will be more concerned with where the hell your eyes went.

10. Shattered Doll

Sure, you can add a proper frock, pigtails, and the like to really complete the look. But these days, dolls have bigger wardrobes than I do, so you can really throw on whatever you want with this makeup.

So don't worry about the costume this year. People will be too preoccupied with your BA makeup to notice anyway.

Images: Chrisspy/YouTube