9 Wireless Bras That Actually Offer Coverage

Ever wanted to ditch your underwire bras, but aren't sure about committing to bralettes? Who hasn't? Shopping for wireless bras can actually be pretty amazing though, if you find the right one. While underwire bras can seem like a torture device, bralettes can be a bit too revealing for my taste. I need my girls to be supported, but I don't let choosing a bra be hassle. Opt for a wireless bra instead. There are plenty of underwire-free options out there that offer the coverage and lift of a traditional bra without the pain of constricting wires. How awesome is that? No more ripping off your undergarments as soon as you get home. These comfy options are sure to keep your tatas feeling great.

Thinking that wire-free options have to be boring? Wrong! Wireless bras come in just as many colors and patterns as every other alternative. Whether you're feeling scandalous or a bit more reserved, there is a perfect wireless option out there for you. Don't hide behind wires any longer. These wireless options will keep you feeling sexy and comfortable all day long. Don't believe me? Here are a few of my favorite styles of underwire-free pieces. Who said being comfortable wasn't chic? Say goodbye to your old underwire bras, and hello to a new, more comfortable you.

1. Starting Off Simple

For those of us with bigger tatas, coverage is key. This beautiful bra by Victoria's Secret offers both coverage and style. The bra comes in a variety of sizes and patterns, so you can customize the bra to your own personal style.

Wireless Bra, $32.50,

2. Longline Soft Bra

This is a bra that you won't be dying to rip off by the end of the day. This silky smooth triangle bra is perfect for those who like to live life comfortably.

On The Edge Bra, $48,

3. Sculpted Bandeau

Who said wireless bras have to be boring? Channel your inner fashionista with this sculpted strapless bra.

Such A Square Bandeau, $38,

4. Back To Black

A comfortable, full coverage bra that is sleek and sexy? I'll take five.

Spanx Wireless Bra, $100.32,

5. Pointelle Chic

Soft, pretty, and affordable? *praise hands*

Pointelle Bra, $8.90,

6. Lovely In Lace

I'm obsessed with this neutral lace bra. The cups are molded specifically for lift without all of that underwire nonsense. How great is that?!

Marie MeiliSkylar Soft Bra, $32.25,

7. Falling For Florals

Can you believe that this bra doesn't have any underwire? What is this magic? Between the bright floral patterns to the beautiful neutrals, make sure to snag this bra in every color.

Body By Victoria Wireless Bra, $48,

8. Soft Tulip Bra

While this is technically a bralette, this style is great for those looking for coverage and style. These tulip-edged bra is incredibly sexy, while still being comfortable.

Tulip Soft Bra, $38,

9. Soft Contours

Looking for the perfect T-shirt bra with lift and coverage? This is it. This bra by Calvin Klein is the perfect everyday bra for those who don't want to fool around with underwire.

Calvin Klein Soft Cup Contour Bra, $28.50,

10. Colored Bralette

This bra is supportive, stretchy, and according to comments on the site, incredibly comfortable for chests of all sizes.

Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra, $55,

Ditch those underwires, ladies. It's time for a comfortable bra revolution.

Images: Pixabay (1); Courtesy Users