Aria From 'PLL' Gets Your First Job Hunt Feels

By Kaitlin Reilly

The Liars may be spending four years away at college, but, in the fans eyes, they might as well be skipping those university years entirely. Pretty Little Liars is doing a five year time jump between Season 6A and 6B, which means that we won't have a chance to ever really see our girls at frat parties or collegiate-level poetry slam competitions. Instead, we'll be seeing Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria in an entirely different phase of their lives: their very first "big girl" jobs.

If they thought that running from A was scary, just wait until they get the taste of the cutthroat world of entry-level jobs. Things certainly aren't easy out in the real world, where actually finding a job is half the battle. If there's one Liar who is totally you when searching for a position, it's Aria: remember how freakin' stressful Aria's college application process was? (Fortunately, she won't have to contend with her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend when searching for a new gig... Jackie will hopefully be far, far away from Aria's job applications.) There's no way that Aria won't deal with the same stuff as a Millennial on the job hunt, which puts her squarely in your corner.

If you're already freaked about your first gig out the gate, don't stress: Aria's right along there with you. Here are all the times you totally were Aria when looking for your first real job.

1. When All Of The "Entry Level" Positions You're Applying For Require Two Years Of Experience

Wait, so, was going to college a total waste of time? Should you have been garnering two years of experience? Where are all the jobs that allow you to receive said two years of experience? Your brain hurts, and you haven't even gotten a job yet.

2. When The Biggest Jerk You Know From College Lands His Dream Job

Ugh. Is it wrong to wish misfortune on someone if they really, really suck?

3. When You Consider Taking An Awful Job You Know You'd Hate Just To Pay The Bills

It's not ideal, and, yes, it involves being stuck in a grey cubicle for 18 hours a day doing something that you couldn't be less passionate about, but you might actually be able to pay your credit card bill on time with it.

4. When Your Interviewer Says You Lack Professional Experience

You immediately start listing all of the reasons why you're more than capable of doing this job to the point where you're certain your interviewer stopped listening or caring.

5. When Your Interviewer Starts Asking You About Your Previous Work Experience

Uh, she did read your resume, right?

6. When You Realize Your Formatting Is Super Weird On The Resume You Just Sent Out

Ugh, did converting the file to a Word doc screw up your margins? You should knew you should have converted it to a PDF!

7. When You Try To Bond With Your Interviewer

She has a Yankees jersey hanging in her office, which is such a coincidence because you totally love baseball. Well, at least for the purposes of this interview, you do.

8. When Your Potential New Boss Asks Why You Applied To The Position

The truth is, there's nowhere you didn't apply immediately after graduation, but saying that this position was just one in a literal million is definitely not going to score you any brownie points.

9. When You Finally Get A Job Offer Somewhere You're Super Into

Hey, even if it's not your dream gig... you're officially employed! Now go celebrate.

See? Like I said, Aria totally gets you.

Images: ABC Family; Giphy (9)