Lizzy Caplan Gets Schooled By Memes, Has No Idea What a Meme Is

Prior to the creation of this video, Lizzy Caplan didn't actually really know what a meme was. Really: it's true! The perennial cool girl of television and film thought memes were only videos. Luckily, the Masters of Sex star was set correct by Paul F. Tompkins in his interview series for Made Man. And while the entire 14-minute interview tackles some of our favorite things (Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, Lizzy Caplan's general nonchalant radacity), it was Caplan's encounter with Internet tomfoolery that really put the actress in a vulnerable position: one of the under-prepared novice.

Because though Caplan did not go to acting school, she managed to outshine the memes on the page with her startling and at-times mesmerizing (in the cringe-worthiest of senses) interpretations of some of the web's biggest hits. Like "Forever Alone," and "Y U No," and other nonsensical kitschery. As she put it, "this may be all the acting school I've ever needed to begin with." Us, too, Lizzy. Us, too.

Though as as a self-professed-as-of-right-now Internet Professional®, I do have some pointers to help Caplan achieve the ultimate memespressions. Namely: more chin and lip work. The more awkward and uncomfortable it feels, the better. In fact, it might help to imagine yourself as a young schoolchild, awkwardly brambling into the so-called golden years of youth, trying to navigate the emotional cesspool that make up the well of weird that is puberty. If it feels as uncomfortable and rage-inducing as your first open-mouthed kiss (by the lockers, allowing the entire school to imbue their mockery onto the situation), all the better! It's all about extreme angles.

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