10 Worst Things People Do On Dating Apps

by Danielle Page

If you're planning on dipping your toe into the world of online dating or dating apps, you better have a thick skin. They operate like games on your phone but they're not always fun. There's just something about hiding behind a phone screen that seems to bring out the ultimate, um, creepiness in people. But, despite the slew of unwanted dick pics and inappropriate messages that dating apps come with, a whopping 61 percent of single Americans are out there fighting the good fight, swiping left and right every day on Tinder, Hinge, Happn Bumble, etc. in hopes of meeting someone IRL, whether it's that special someone, a friend with benefits, or something in between.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things you'll likely encounter on dating apps before you find what you're actually looking for, especially if you are looking for love.

Wondering just how rough it can be out there on dating apps? Here are some screenshots that umm...aptly demonstrate the kind of riff raff you can expect to navigate when trying your luck out there in the online dating cybersphere. From copy-and-pasted opening messages to awful, cheesy pickup lines, here are 10 examples of what can happen when you swipe right.

1. Using The Same Opener Over (And Over)

Then adding insult to injury by proudly admitting to it. Smooth.

2. Using Incorrect Grammar

If you match with a teacher, the least you could do is use spell check.

3. Objectifying The Alphabet

On the positive side, at least this person knows the first seven letters of the alphabet.

4. Pretending You Don't Know How Online Dating Works

Get with it buddy, that’s not how it goes.

5. Breaking The Ice With Cheesy Pick-up Lines


6. Or Shattering The Ice

Nothing makes conversation with a stranger even more uncomfortable quite like bringing up sex stories, am I right?

7. Playing Games

Especially games where your dick is out.

8. Cheaters

Bonus points if you drop this bomb in a slew of jumbled texts where you can’t make out what the heck is actually going on, but you get the gist of it.

9. Negging

aka, dishing out subtle, low-grade insults that are supposed to make your target want to prove his or her self-worth. This doesn’t work on dating apps, because there are literally thousands of other options to choose from. Also, it’s mean.

10. Confusing Mind-Blowing With Terrifying

If you’re starting a sentence out with, “I know this doesn’t sound romantic,” maybe rethink sending that message.

Images:: Ivan Kruk/Fotolia; Screenshots courtsey of Danielle Page