Should You Send That Text? A Flowchart

Modern dating is a minefield of right and wrong moves: Don't message them first. Always message them first. Don't pay for dinner. Always offer to pay for dinner. Wait three dates to have sex. Have sex whenever you damn well please. Always use protection. Always use protection. (OK so maybe some answers are more obvious than others.) But the one dating dilemma to which most people can relate, whether they are staunchly single or seriously coupled up, is the dilemma of the unsent text message.

The casual nature of texting means that you can communicate any thought, whether it's inconsequential, irrational, or way too serious to address via text, with the quick click of a button. There was a time when people had to write letters, send telegrams, launch freaking carrier pigeons, or god forbid see each other in person in order to break up, say I love you, or express an interest in getting laid. Now it takes is a hastily sent "u up?" And with great immediacy comes great irresponsibility. Sure, there's a lot of enhanced freedom and increased communication that comes with the ease of the text, but it's also a lot easier to make a wrong move or say something you'll regret. With that in mind, here's a guide to whether or not you should send that text (or sext, as the case may be) that you've got all queued up and ready to go. This isn't about playing games — it's about saying what you mean, and saving serious convos for real life.

Click HERE to see if you should send that text.

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Image: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle