Kim & Kanye Are Living a 'Gilmore Girls' Episode

If you found yourself too distracted on Christmas to enjoy your own holiday because you were too busy wondering what kind of gift Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian, 1) take a minute to reevaluate everything about your life and then 2) stop worrying, because we finally know. On Thursday night, Kim posted a photo of her Christmas gift on Instagram and not only is it absurd, but it shows that right now, she and Kanye are essentially living out an episode of Gilmore Girls. The Season 6 episode "Welcome to the Doll House," to be more specific, and it's all thanks to that gift.

Kanye bought Kim an Hermes Birkin bag, one that usually costs about $16,000, according to Naughty But Nice Rob. Kanye could easily have gotten it for free, one of the many perks I assume come with being Yeezus, but even if he didn't, $16,000 barely means anything to him because again, Yeezus.

A Birkin bag probably isn't that bag of a deal to Kim, I'm sure she has a few already, but this particular bag is very special. It's hand-painted by renowned artist George Condo with a custom design. Oh and by "very special," I of course mean pretty bizarre and borderline hideous.

See? Very, very special.

Now let's all think back to that Gilmore Girls episode, the one when Logan gives Rory her own special gift, yes, a Birkin bag. His wasn't hand-painted or anything, but it was still a very impressive gift — to everyone but Rory. Her reaction to receiving the infamous bag was predictably Rory, polite excitement masking confusion, followed by a remark about a guy she knew named Birkin (Logan doesn't think it's the same guy).

Logan was probably hoping for a response closer to that of Emily's, shocked, impressed excitement. Watch both Gilmore girls' reactions below — Lorelai's not included because this was during the awful Rory/Lorelai fight storyline.

When it comes to the custom design, Kim just has to feel the same way as Rory. Kanye must've been so excited to give her this gift, and the thought behind it was sweet, but now Kim has to carry this bag around, and it is big. She was spotted carrying it on Thursday, because that's what she has to do now. If you'll remember, Rory innocently said that the bag was perfect to carry her computer cords... maybe Kim claimed hers was the perfect size to hide baby North from the paparazzi. There's enough room to fit her until she's 3-years-old.

As for Emily's response, that is spot-on Kris Jenner. Come on, can't you see it? "A Condo? Oh my god, a Condo? Well, well, well, a Condo, a Condo for Kimmy. Bruce never bought me a Condo." It shouldn't surprise you that Kris falls into the Emily role here, after all, she's certainly no Lorelai.

So nice job on the gift Kanye, despite its absurdity, you guys have never been more likable.

Congratulations Kimye...

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram, friday-night-dinner/Tumblr, tookieclothespins/Tumblr