17 DIY Donald Trump Hair Ideas For Halloween

by Alicia Lu

Whether we like it or not, 2015 was pretty much the year of Donald Trump. You couldn't turn on your laptop or TV without seeing some story about the Donald. After saturating the media for the last few months, it's now safe to assume that Trump will inspire one or two (or 20,000) Halloween costumes this year. If you're thinking of going as Donald Trump for Halloween, you probably already have a solid game plan: suit, tie, cuff links, orange spray tan, and, most crucially, a wig to imitate Trump's very distinct hairstyle. But ask yourself this: Do you want to be mediocre? (Hopefully, you're answer is "obviously not.") Instead of the same Trump wig that other Trump-wannabes will be donning this Halloween, you can try using these much more creative objects as Trump's hair instead.

The beauty of dressing as Trump is that you can really exercise your creative license. Sure, he might not dress as flamboyantly or eclectically as Lady Gaga, but you can still have boundless fun with your Trump costume — trust me. You see, his magic lies in his hair. Unlike most celebrity costumes, Trump's hair is just so open to interpretation. Think about it; it looks like so many things. So don't even think about taking the lazy route and purchasing a wig, not when you can take this opportunity to really get creative.

Instead, consider using one of these 17 objects as Trump's hair for your Halloween costume, and I guarantee you you'll get the most high-fives at the party. Please note: You will have to spray-paint all of these a subtle shade of puke-orange.

Medical Gauze

Borrow some gauze from your friend who's dressing as a mummy for Halloween, spray-paint it orange, and place it on your head. Voilà! You're Donald Trump.

Cotton Candy


Doesn't Trump's hair kind of resemble really stale puke-flavored cotton candy?

Corn Husk

It's possible that whatever Trump has plugged into his head is actual corn husk.

Orange Silly String

Bonus: no spray-painting necessary with this one.

A Pile Of Dust Bunnies

You will kill two birds with one stone, because this will also force you to sweep.

This Caterpillar

This caterpillar is probably offended.

A Pile Of Straw

The beauty of using straw is that it really channels Trump's "unbrushed hair, don't care" attitude.

Your Cat

Orange tabbies are obviously recommended.

Fake Cobweb Halloween Decoration

You can really maximize on your Halloween decoration purchase with this one.

Literal Fire


OK, this one is not really advisable.

A Gerbil

But only after rubbing a balloon over it so it's all static-y.

Christmas Tinsel

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Celebrate two holidays in one, while looking uncannily like Trump.

Troll Dolls

You'll need to cut the hair off of about 10 troll dolls, all of whom are happy to sacrifice for the cause.

Gucci's New Hair Slippers

Donald would want you to shell out $1,800 for his costume.

Orange Peels

Get your daily intake of vitamin C, then stick the peels on your head. Simple and nutritious.

A Tribble

The notorious Star Trek creature happens to closely resemble the creature that Trump calls hair.

A Hollowed-Out Dome Of Day-Old Bread

You'll look so much like Trump people will be doing double-takes all night.

Images: Wikipedia Commons (2), Hector Rodriguez/Flickr, Mike Krüger/Flickr, Joe Goldberg/Flickr, m01229/Flickr, Toshiyuki IMAI/Flickr, Bart Everson/Flickr