Gwyneth Thinks You Should Spend $6K On T-Shirts

There are a lot of fashion-related things you could shell out big bucks for, but you would think that T-shirts would not be one of them. Apparently, that would be wrong, because according to The Daily Mail, Gwyneth Paltrow is suggesting Goop readers to spend $6,000 on T-shirts...sort of. This just might stop people talking about Blake Lively's lifestyle site demise for a hot minute.

People definitely have a love/hate relationship with Paltrow. You might laugh at her pretentious remarks and controversial statements, and then fall right back in love with her when she wears a fabulous look that you can totally afford. Her latest actions, however, will have you doing the former. The 43-year-old actress did a post on her lifestyle site, Goop, on the "11 Best T-Shirts" to buy, which is actually a really useful and smart subject, in my opinion. I mean, the basic is so often overlooked in favor of what's trendy or in season, so I'm totally open for advice. But that's about where the goodness ends.

Paltrow, who stated earlier this year that she is "incredibly close to the common woman," according to ET Online, offered up shirts ranging in price from $34 (OK, fine) to $350 (yikes!). And then added that you'll want to own "17 of them." I know she was joking and not actually expecting us to drop $6,000 on tees, but she might want to choose her wording (and her pricing) a tad more carefully.

I mean, the press will look for any excuse to tear this one down, so a more down-to-earth approach when writing her posts might serve her well. But then again, she's Gwyneth-freaking-Paltrow, so who cares what the press says.

But given that most of us aren't going to shell out $350 for a single tee (let alone 17 tees), here's a few less expensive options for some of her picks.

1. Floral

There's legitimately no reason you need to spend $350 for a floral jersey top. (Floral Mesh Sleeve Top; $59.99;

2. Striped

A striped tee is classic, but Paltrow's $90 option was just a bit pricey. (Lucky Brand; $20.99;

3. Wool

Spending $275 for a plain shirt? No thanks! (JOSEPH; $93;

4. Ruffled

I can think of so many more things to buy with $300 than a ruffled tee. (Clu Too; $77;

Images: Shopbop; By Symphony; Macys; French Connection