Sorry, Guys: 7 Golden Globe Nominees With No Shot of Winning Oscars

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For the first year in what seems like forever, the Golden Globes decided to do something extraordinary – honor the people who deserved it. Sure, there were some exceptions (no love for Short Term 12? Fruitvale Station?), but for the most part, the Globes outdid themselves this year by giving nominations to some truly wonderful films and individuals. In addition to the expected nominees, like Chiwetel Ejifor for 12 Years a Slave and Sandra Bullock for Gravity, the Globes gave honors to a few people who, while hugely deserving of acclaim, were expected by nearly all critics to be overlooked. These actors have every right to celebrate their nominations, because you can bet they won’t be getting a second chance this awards season. From Greta Gerwig to Julie Delpy, here are 7 Golden Globe nominees who, unfortunately, have no shot of winning Oscars.

Image: Sony Pictures Classics

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