Zoe Kravitz Frees The Nipple For 'C Magazine'

The votes are in and the verdict the nipple! Zoe Kravitz is C Magazine's latest cover girl, and while she is all dressed up on the front of the mag, inside, Kravitz flashed some nipple in a sheer white top for the magazine's October issue. In true Kravitz fashion, she looks absolutely stunning and rocks the spread with her gorgeous waist-long locks and a subtle smoky eye.

Of course, she isn't the first celebrity to free the nipple. Kravitz is part of a celebrity movement, alongside gals like Chrissy Teigen, Cara Delevigne, and of course, Miley Cyrus. Can we even count the number of Instagram posts Rihanna has put up, showing off her nipples? Remember when she got kicked off the social media app for a while? Oh, and Chelsea Handler's many hilarious posts, including one of her riding horseback sans bra? It was a LOL-worthy set of photos, by the way.

Even Vogue's beloved Grace Coddington took part! Of course, it was only an illustration of the famous editor sunbathing topless, but that was enough to apparently be taken down and her account suspended. *Shrugs*

Luckily, no one can suspend a magazine spread. In the C Magazine spread, Kravitz is dressed in a Dior ensemble while freeing her nip. I'm totally in love with the look, by the way. Her septum piercing is so. On. Point.

On the cover, though, the Divergent star is wearing a plaid one piece, going for a more conservative look. Other shots in the spread include black and white photos of Kravitz donning a printed romper and shoulder bag, and a close-up of her strong brows and signature braids.

Although her gorgeous braids have become a part of her look, Kravitz told C Magazine that it sort of started out as a joke. "I originally did them as a joke, like an ode to the ’90s," said Kravitz. That all changed, however, as she continued to say, "It still feels important, I think, to be a brown girl with natural hair. You see blond girls with the same hair in every movie." Beautiful hair with a purpose — she's a real American Woman, like the cover reads, y'all.

Aside from being a total badass, the 26-year-old is definitely one to watch in the world of fashion. According to E!, Kravitz told the magazine, "Fashion really inspires me and always has. It triggers all kinds of memories and ideas and associations. It's just the biggest F.U. when you have confidence and you're wearing something crazy."

Do your thing, Zoe, and keep inspiring us to do the same!