A Yeezy Season 2 Halloween Costume Guide

We all know Kanye's quite the multi-hyphenate (rapper-father-husband-presidential-candidate, and yes, designer) that's getting major recognition for his line, whether it's praise or ridicule. Which makes Yeezy Season 2 the perfect halloween costume — love it or hate it, people will remember it.

There's been quite the mixed response about Yeezy season 2. Some praise, buy, and covet, and others are quick to judge otherwise. Whichever way you feel though, you're feeling something, which is exactly what Kanye is always trying to accomplish. And how could you not? The whole show seems to be about a performance rather than the items themselves.

With the help of performance artist Vanessa Beecroft, Kanye created a military scene, with drill sergeants calling out orders. Models marched. The collection was shown. Like last season, we saw a lot of taupes, browns, blacks — all neutrals, all unisex pieces, all with a utilitarian feel. A feel so distinct, in fact, that it's become instantly recognizable, which makes it the perfect costume this Halloween. Of course, you're not going to buy one of his pieces to party in just for one night, because — newsflash — it's likely going to be extremely expensive and will also sell out because we live in a crazy world, guys.

Here's a few ways to dress like the infamous Yeezy season 2 without blowing your entire bank account.

1. Step into your closest American Apparel

A yeezy staple? Nude leotards.

Bodysuit, $10, Amazon

Boom, nailed it.

2. Raid your brother's/dad's/grandfather's closet

Oversized Hoodie, $35, Amazon | Nude Leggings, $15, Amazon

Yeezy was all about the oversized items — especially sweatshirts. Dive into your loved one's closet, and don't even spend a dime on your costume. Oversized sweatshirt + nude leggings = mission accomplished.

3. Hit up your local army navy store and get a pair of lace up boots

Totally get that utilitarian vibe with some totally legit boots that you'll continue to wear all winter long.

Rothco Sierra Lug Sole GI Type Desert Tan Boot, $67, armynavydeals

Nothing says Yeezy quite like a Hunger Games feel. Throw these on with an oversized camel coat, and you'll be cozy and costumed up.

4. Gather all your nude items and layer them all in the most ridiculous way you can

Cause like, why wouldn't you wear a cropped tight sweater over a leotard and then throw a bomber jacket over it?

5. Find your rattiest articles of clothing and distress them even more

Evidently, for Kanye, frayed and distressed reign supreme. So basically, your oldest and most loved items can come out for a spin just for this spooky night.

6. Look really, really angry or super bummed

I would be really good at pulling this look off. Hangry is my past, current, and present mood, always. Halloween will be no exception.

7. Finally, add a huge price tag

Woodgrain Card Stock, $12, cardsandpockets

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Yeezy ain't cheap. Kanye's known for selling his t-shirts at hundreds of dollars, and of course, people still by them. Get yourself some card stock, a pair of scissors, and hang an oversized price tag around your neck with a ridiculous price written on it.

Easiest costume ever.

Images: Cards and Pockets, American Apparel, Army Navy Deals