The Keating 5 Are Mad At Annalise On 'HTGAWM'

"It's all your fault," Connor says to a dying Annalise. Once again, the Keating 5 are back in the thick of it during the How to Get Away with Murder flash forward, and I am just as confused as I was during the forest flash forwards from Season 1. After the Season 2 premiere made it seem like Wes was responsible for Annalise getting shot, it was revealed in Episode 2 that the Keating 5 (minus Asher, because he's never involved in anything) were actually involved in whatever happened to Annalise in the mansion. But, what is Annalise's fault on HTGAWM ? Connor is blaming her for something, but of course we don't know what that something is. Yet.

The Episode 2 flash forward was a bit more telling than Episode 1's was. This time, we learn that Michaela, Laurel, Wes, and Connor were in the mansion when Annalise supposedly gets shot. We don't know at what capacity the students are involved with Annalise's injury, but we do know that Connor stays behind, seemingly to look for something, after Michaela, Laurel, and Wes GTFO of the mansion.

We don't know what Connor was looking for, or even where he was looking for it. Annalise seems to be suffering from sometime of abdominal injury, and it appears Connor is digging for something in that region. I'm sorry for putting that image in your mind. Maybe he's rummaging through her pocket? Yeah, probably. What is he looking for though? Maybe he lent her $10 and he just wants it back before she dies.

Episode 2 is early enough in the season that we might not know why the students are blaming her for a long time. It took forever to learn the true story behind Sam's murder in Season 1, remember?

Then again, maybe Annalise turned on the students for Sam's murder and they took matters into their own hands. Whatever happened though, the Keating 5 didn't take it too well, and Annalise may pay the ultimate price.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC