Animated 'Ghostbusters' Movie Is In Development, But Will It Star The Female Team?

Ghostbusters isn't just a franchise; it's a way of life. That much is clear from the fact that there are not only one, not almost two, but now three upcoming Ghostbusters projects for fans to look forward to. According to Variety, Sony is developing an animated Ghostbusters film, the third project based off the original project that has made headlines behind the all-female Ghostbusters team and the all-male Ghostbusters reboot rumored to be cancelled. Bustle has reached out to Sony for comment, but have yet to hear back. We have no plot details that have been revealed, nor does the project yet have a writer or director, but I'm going to go ahead and guess it might be a tad too optimistic for me to hope that the animated Ghostbusters film is a spinoff the all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that we're at least getting a reboot that skews the gender of the team in the opposite direction. It's just, you know, the original film franchise did get an animated series, so it's not like the original male team don't already have their animated claim to fame. Besides which, I think that Melissa McCarthy would look amazing in animated form, don't you? Not that that's the only reason that Sony should totally considered focusing the animated film on the continued adventures of the new team of Ghostbusters. In fact, I have six reasons.

1. Female Representation Is Always Good

"Where are the ladies?" I whispered to myself as I watched the original Ghostbusters team have all kinds of adventures, in which they fought ghosts of the male, female, and weird blob monster varieties, all somehow without having an open spot on their team for even one woman to kick butt alongside them. As awesome as it's going to be, one movie with a female team isn't going to equal the two.

2. They Can Get Into Even Wilder Shenanigans

Even with the advantages of computer animation and green screen, there are only so many stunts and scenarios that the female Ghostbusters can get into without causing serious injury to their stunt doubles. But with traditional animation, anything is possible. Anything.

3. Seriously, We Don't Need More Male Ghostbusters Media

Two movies, and two TV series, are more than enough. Really. It's time to play catch up.

4. It Would Build Anticipation For The New Franchise

A reboot plus an animated film tying into, or continuing the adventures of, those female Ghostbusters? This is such a "shut up and take my money" situation that I can't fumble for my wallet fast enough.

5. And Give Little Girls More Heroines To Look Up To

Sure, Ghostbusters 3 might not be entirely appropriate for small children, depending on the rating the film ultimately gets, but the animated film would open their world up to little girls who have always wanted to be Ghostbusters, but justifiably thought only boys got to do that.

6. Why Miss An Opportunity To Make Sexists Angry?

The backlash to the idea of a female Ghostbusters team has been feeding my soul (sometimes I still stay up late at night cackling over it), and I can't imagine what sexists would say about "political correctness gone mad" if the animated film was revealed to have an all-female team, too. But I would love to find out.

Ghostbusters fans will be happy to have a new animated film regardless of its subject matter, though, at the moment, I'm considering it potentially unlikely that it will star an all-female team like the highly anticipated, and highly discussed, upcoming reboot. All I'm saying is that I hope the idea of a female team for this film is taken into consideration, because there's no such thing as too much representation for women in this franchise. Not yet.

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