10 Couple's Costumes For You And Your Pet

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about costumes. And who doesn't love dressing up for Halloween? The only thing more fun than picking out the perfect costume is picking out two. That's right, I'm talking about coordinating couple's costumes. Gotta love 'em. Especially when the couple's costumes are for your pet and you. Because it doesn't get much better than matching with your furbaby, especially on Halloween.

Now my pup doesn't particularly like dressing up. (I may have tried to see if she wanted to wear one of my shirts once. She said no.) But I have a feeling that if I show her a squirrel costume (yes, they make squirrel costumes for dogs now because that's confusing), she'll be all over it. But even though some dogs and cats don't particularly like being dressed up, if you have a cooperative pet, the options are endless. And besides, I mean, how cute?? So if you decide to pick out a costume with your pet this year, here are 10 ideas to perfectly coordinate with your dog or cat. And yeah, the two of you will totally win every costume contest.

1. Your Dog's Dream Couple

Squirrel Pet Costume, $14, Target; Womens Playful Dog Adult Costume, $62, Mr. Costume

Your dog goes as a squirrel (only it's favorite thing ever, right?), and you go as your dog. A match made in your dog's heaven. Hopefully your pup won't try to chase herself all night, though.

2. Star Wars Couple

Yoda Pet Costume, $14, Target; Jedi Female Adult Costume, $55, Official Costume

Because how cute is a little Yoda waddling around, wagging its tail all night?

3. Wicked Couple

Witch Pet Costume, $18, Target; Adult Glinda the Good Witch Costume, $55, Part City

You as Glinda and your pup as Elphaba? The two of you will be so popular.

4. Super Couple

Superman Pet Costume, $23,Target; Women's Sexy Supergirl Costume, $49, Halloween Costume

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's your adorable, little doggy in an adorable, little cape!

5. Fairy Tale Couple

Riding Hood Pet Costume, $12, Target; Wick'd Wolfie Adult Werewolf Costume, $45, Costume Express

You always tell your dog she's so cute you could eat her right up anyway, don't you? Might as well dress the part.

6. Under the Sea Couple

Petco Halloween Octopus Cat Costume, $8,; Women's Mermaid Deep Sea Siren 2pc Costume, $63, Target

Your kitty in an octopus costume will be cute enough to steal voices. You won't even be mad.

7. Royal Couple

Petco Halloween King For A Day Cat Costume, $8, Petco; Renaissance Queen Adult Costume, $77, Costume Craze

So fancy.

8. Bloody Good Couple

Petco Halloween Count Catula Cat Costume, $4, Petco; Women's Gothic Vamp Costume, $20, Halloween Costumes

Cat fangs > vampire fangs anyway.

9. Angel & Devil Couple

Grreat Choice Pet Halloween Devil Hat, $4, Petsmart; Adult Heaven's Angel Costume, $40, Party City

Tell me that devil hat is not the most adorable thing.

10. Sailing Couple

Petco Halloween Nauticat Cat Costume, $8, Petco; Women's Pin Up Sailor Costume, $32, Target

Halloween is the perfect night to pretend like your cat would have anything to do with water.

Oh, and good luck with all of the extra attention your furbaby is about to receive.

Images: Courtesy of Brands