What Would 'Red Oaks' Season 2 Look Like? The Cast Imagines What Their Characters Will Be Up To

When you watch a show like Amazon's brand new series, Red Oaks , there are two questions that will automatically go through your mind. The first being: is '80s fashion ever going to make a comeback? (Seriously, I miss those leg warmers, you guys.) And the second question will be: will Red Oaks get a Season 2 renewal? Because believe me when I say that just one season really isn't enough to satiate our thirst for this particular sitcom. It's not just that the scenes are downright hilarious and acted out by a truly phenomenal star-studded cast, though those things certainly do factor into the equation. (I honestly didn't realize how much I missed Paul Reiser until he was back on my television screen.) But what makes this sitcom so appealing is its uncanny knack for being completely relatable.

Because no matter what age group you now currently fall under, everyone knows the struggles and pressures that come with growing up. Which is why the Red Oaks cast is just as eager to continue portraying their characters as we are to watch it happen. In fact, some of them even have a few ideas as to what they'd like to see their characters get up to, should the show be picked up for a second go-round. In a recent chat with Red Oaks stars Craig Roberts, Ennis Esmer, and Oliver Cooper — who play David, Nash, and Wheeler, respectively — I asked the actors what kind of storylines they'd love to see their characters get up to in future seasons. And they actually had a ton of great ideas.

"I'd like to see David make a film," Roberts shares. "Throughout the season he explores wanting to be a filmmaker, so for him to make some kind of film would be pretty cool." A real film lover, you say? Hey, maybe David could end up being the new Dawson Leery. You never know! As for Esmer, he'd be interested in having Nash pursue the real American Dream: money!

"I think I'd like to see Nash get a bit more desperate trying to get rich. Maybe get a bit more compromised about it and have to deal with that. And maybe deal with his wife a little more too. That would be great." Or maybe even dabble in a more controversial topic like steroids. "I think this is right around the time steroids started hitting professional sports," Esmer explains. "So I would like it if Nash suddenly has to be super jacked and I get to wear prosthetics."

And last, but certainly not least, there's Cooper's character, Wheeler, whose comedic timing is spot on right from the pilot onward. And while he's known for his stoner-like personality, the actor himself would want to see Wheeler struggle with some bigger life issues. "I want to see my character have a drug problem and have to go to rehab," Cooper reveals. "Or have a baby. You know, get Misty pregnant… actually, I want Lefevre, who plays Misty's boyfriend, I want him to get Misty pregnant and I take care of the baby."

Call me crazy, but those sound like some pretty top-notch story arcs. With plot ideas like this, how can there not be a Red Oaks Season 2? The power lies in your hands, Amazon. Let's make it happen.

Images: Nicole Rivelli/Amazon; Amazon Studios (2)