Lady Gaga Covers "I Want Your Love" For Tom Ford & More New Music Could Be Coming Soon — VIDEO

Attention Little Monsters: Mother Monster just dropped some new music. On Friday, noted fashion designer and film director Tom Ford debuted a new video starring Lady Gaga to promote his spring/summer 2016 collection. The Soul Train–inspired clip features Lady Gaga's cover of "I Want Your Love" — the 1978 hit by Chic (of "Le Freak" fame) — and it's guaranteed to make you want to cut a rug. "I Want Your Love" is regarded by many as a disco classic, and thankfully, Gaga does it justice. Her cover provides the perfect soundtrack for the visual, which is basically just a big model dance party. It's so good to hear the 29-year-old singer's voice over a stomping 4/4 beat again!

Gaga's version of "I Want Your Love" is a treat for fans who have been patiently waiting for her new album for almost two years now. Fortunately, it seems as though we could be hearing more music from her soon. According to PopCrush, there may be a new Lady Gaga song called "Funk the Punk" in the works. Phil Tan, an audio engineer, tweeted about working on a new Gaga track in August using the hashtag "#FunkThePunk." Who was Tan tweeting? George "Spanky" McCurdy, a drummer who reportedly worked on Gaga's Born This Way LP. Very suspicious! I'll be on the lookout for further developments. Check out Gaga's "I Want Your Love" cover below.

TOM FORD on YouTube

So, is Gaga preparing to drop a new single soon? She's been in the recording studio working on the follow-up to 2013's ARTPOP since at least December 2014, so it's definitely a possibility. Personally, I think it would be smart for her to capitalize on all of the publicity she's currently receiving for being named Billboard 's 2015 Woman of the Year (not to mention all of the the publicity she's currently receiving for her upcoming role on American Horror Story: Hotel , which premieres on Wed., Oct. 7). Yes, this feels like it could be "the right time" for her to put out something new.

I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Image: TOM FORD/YouTube