Britney Is The Best Combo Of Sweet & Sassy

We all have various sides to our personalities, despite the side that we let show most often or the one that’s most easily understood. Celebrities know this conundrum well, because fans only see them sparingly. But not our girl Brit Brit. No, Britney Spears has proven she is both sweet and sassy at the same time, as evidenced through her prolific career and experience in the spotlight. Whether it’s through social media or the actual media, the singer’s perfected the formula for perfectly balancing the devil on the shoulder and the angel.

Spears’ songs are also an excellent gauge of her persona. Her hit tunes are reflective of her dance between being a genuinely kindhearted person and one who likes to get a bit cheeky and wild every once in a while — and she does. Whether it’s through a boss music video, some A+ tour choreography, a judging stint on a reality show, an interview, or a tweet, it’s clear that the 33-year-old won’t be saddled to one specific public perception. She’s a well-rounded real person and she acts like it, consistently. After all, her bouts of sass just make her sweetness all the more, well, sweet.

Here are eight times Britney Spears just couldn't keep her sweet side under wraps.

1. When She Laughed In A Twitter Hater's Face

On national television, as one does.

2. When She Was The Most Supportive Judge

Nothing like a verbal hug from Brit Brit.

3. When She Had Fun At Her (And Jimmy Fallon's) Expense

She's a good sport. Nay, a great sport.

4. When She Turned Her Acceptance Speech Into An Awesome Message For Her Fans

Brit, you the real MVP.

5. When People Assumed She Shaded Iggy Azalea

But, if this was shade, it was expertly crafted. This would not hold up in a shade court of law.

6. When She Did The Polar Opposite Of Shading Iggy Azalea

See? So, so nice.

7. When She Was An Adorable Dork

"Everyone has been doing emails..." They certainly have, Britney. They certainly have.

8. When She Told The Telegraph She Wanted Her Britney Jean Lyrics To "Inspire"

She told the The Telegraph ,

There is definitely an element of that. I’ve always followed my heart and pursued my dreams, and I imagine that people find that inspiring. I hope that is the effect I have on my fans and people in general. I definitely want to project a positive energy out into the world.

Ending on the *sweetest* note.

Brit Brit is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice. But, you have to admit, the spice is especially gratifying to see, because after quotes like these, you totally don't expect it.

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