If Anne Hathaway Actually Gave the Paparazzi This Late Christmas Present, We Have No Words

Look, I don't even care whether or not this is real. I don't even care that there probably would have been photographs of it if it actually happened. All I care about is the fact that this rumor is hilarious, and I highly doubt anyone is going to read something that's more amusing for the rest of the day, or possibly the week. The rumor: According to GossipCenter, Anne Hathaway placed a bag of her dog's feces on a paparazzi's car after noticing photographers snapping pictures of her walking her dog around her Los Angeles neighborhood, because the Princess of Genovia don't take shit from no one. (She just gives it out.)

From the gossip site:

Anne collected her pup's poop in a bag, and took it over to the paprazzo's car, placing it gingerly on the hood, and walking away as if nothing happened. Merry Christmas!

I know the entire Internet is currently on the "let's hate Anne Hathaway!" train because, I don't know, she cut her hair or something? But even her most hardcore haters gotta admit: If it actually happened, this is a pretty A+ move considering what total asshats paparazzi in LA can be.

And if it didn't actually happen... well, then it's just a hilarious rumor, and I can't hate on anything that amuses me this much.