Janet Jackson 'Burnitup!' Lyrics Make It Clear That This Is Not A Comeback & The Video Only Proves It — VIDEO

Finally arriving on Friday at the end of a long and exhausting week to find that Janet Jackson has released her new album Unbreakable for streaming? Don't mind if I do! And then cruising around on her social media to discover that she released the lyric video to "Burnitup," one of our early favorites as well? Screw the weekend, I have everything I need here. (No sorry, I take it back! I love the weekend, please don't take it away from me.) But, seriously, you know I love our girl, but it's not always the easiest to tell what she's saying in her songs, so I appreciate her dropping a lyric video for the simpletons like me who can't quite make it out.

This particular song also features Missy Elliott (let me get a "YAS QUEEN"), and is so far the most dance-able on the record, if you want my opinion. I'm also pretty sure it proves that Jackson doesn't quite care about my opinion, as it seems to address the fact that she she hasn't put out an album in seven years. In it, she tells us she never left and that she still remembers how to make us dance. So don't get it twisted.

I ain't never gone, never gone nowhereQuit actin' brand new you know I been right hereLately I've been on, on a mission yeahBut that don't mean I've forgotten how to move you, yeah

She knows it's been a second since she put out any new music, but cool it, OK? She knows what she's doing, and she's about to prove it with this album. So buckle up.

So tell me what you wanna do?But don't do nothin' stupidWhat is happening in front of you

All it is is love on the move

Are you gonna ask where she's been, or are you gonna zip your lips and dance it out? Yeah, that's what I thought. Here's the full lyric video for all your zipping, dancing, and deciphering needs.

Janet Jackson on YouTube

Don't call it a comeback.