What Channel Is The Splat? Nickelodeon's '90s Block Pairs Old Favorites With Newer Options

Nickelodeon's The Splat is bound to be the best thing to come out of '90s nostalgia, a programming block dedicated exclusively to original Nickelodeon shows from two decades ago. Nicktoons like Rugrats? They'll be on The Splat. Game shows? Watch out for Temple Guards because classic Nickelodeon game shows will be on The Splat. Live-action sitcoms? You won't need Clarissa to explain that they'll be on The Splat. So what channel is The Splat, aka where exactly can you tune-in to catch these amazing throwbacks? Although these shows originally aired on Nickelodeon, it will not be a part of the network's lineup. Instead, The Splat airs on TeenNick, a Nickelodeon spinoff network.

TeenNick's current programming is mostly re-runs of Nickelodeon sitcoms like iCarly, Victorious, and Zoey 101. This makes TeenNick a fitting spot for The Splat, as it was the same channel that had a The '90's Are All That slot for old Nickelodeon programming. However, instead of taking up only two hours from midnight to 2 a.m. like The '90s Are All That did, The Splat will be broadcasting on TeenNick from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. That's eight hours of classic Nickelodeon programming every night!

Despite being a network with a penchant for re-runs, TeenNick also has some original programming that The Splat will be airing alongside. Here's a quick rundown of some of The Splat's new sister shows that may give you a reason to tune into TeenNick before 10 p.m.

TeenNick Top 10

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TeenNick Top 10 is a music countdown show hosted by long-time Nickelodeon favorite Nick Cannon. He counts down 10 of the "hottest" new music videos, and features interviews with musical acts like Little Mix, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Vamps. In a world where it feels like less and less television time is dedicated to the last art of the music video, it's rewarding to know that someone, somewhere, is still following the Carson Daly tradition of counting down music videos from 10 to one.

Open Heart

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Open Heart is the child that Grey's Anatomy and Veronica Mars would have if television shows could reproduce. It follows a young girl who has to do community service at a hospital where her mother and sister work. The hospital is also the last place her father was seen before he vanished. It should come as no surprise that this Canadian import comes from producers that used to work on the legendary Degrassi, a similarly maudlin teenage drama.

Life With Boys

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This sitcom, also a Canadian import, follows a young girl who lives in a house with four males (Her father, older brother, twin brother, and younger brother). It's a light-hearted comedy about a young girl trying to define her own femininity while being surrounded by men who are influencing her (either directly or indirectly) with their understanding of the world. If it wasn't just a show aiming for laughs, it could probably make some pretty interesting statements about being a young girl growing up in a patriarchal society. In lieu of poignancy, her twin brother has a very silly voice, which is still kind of great.

When it comes to original programming, TeenNick seems to be lacking. It's only has one original show, and the two shows it airs that didn't originally air on Nickelodeon are both Canadian imports. TeenNick also airs lesser-known Nickelodeon original shows like House of Anubis and Every Witch Way, and also apparently airs Friday Night Lights, which is an amazing show. With such a limited catalogue of series, The Splat might be just the rejuvenating addition that TeenNick needs.

Image: Nickelodeon