Lena Dunham & Jack Antonoff Put Marriage On Hold & Anyone Feeling The Wedding Pressure Should Hear Her Reason

In March of this year, Lena Dunham revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she would not be marrying her longtime love Jack Antonoff until gay marriage was legal. Fast forward a couple months, and gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, thanks to the historic Supreme Court decision in June. So, when the actress appeared on DeGeneres' show on Oct. 2, the host naturally asked, "Where's your ring?" In response, Lena Dunham confessed she is intimidated by marriage and also wanted to wait for the right moment.

"I feel intimidated because, I don't want to espouse any stereotypes, but gay people are kind of killing it at weddings right now," the Girls star joked to DeGeneres. "They're kind of winning at weddings. So, I don't want to go in and just pale in comparison." Then she admitted that she was feeling a lot of pressure to just go for her wedding right after the historic Supreme Court announcement was made. But she said that she and Antonoff decided they wanted to "wait for a moment where we feel excited about" getting hitched because getting married is such a big deal. Even though fans might be a bit disappointed that the two haven't put a ring on it just yet, this hold off could actually be a very good thing. And her words might be just what other couples who aren't quite ready need to hear.

Granted, there probably are not that many couples out there who are feeling the exact same pressure that Dunham was facing, because not many couples have the pressure of the whole world watching, waiting for them to make their decision in the midst of such a pivotal time in our great nation's history. That being said, there are a whole lot of couples out there — especially young couples — who are under some kind of pressure.

Whether the pressure comes from family members who want to see their kids tie the knot, or from friends who are getting hitched left and right, or from biological clock worries, couples are still under enormous societal expectation to get married. But if the time is not really right for both partners that will be involved in the marriage, it could lead to some serious issues for them later on and may even end in a separation or divorce. Dunham is right when she says marriage is a big deal and it's cool that she's bringing up another perspective to go along with all of the celebs who seem to rush quickly into marriage and loudly voicing their excitement for their over-the-top weddings.

No matter what the source of pressure is, if a young couple is able to take away from this that they don't have to cave into it, it will be a good thing. Props to Dunham for being so open!