Lea Michele's New Song "Battlefield" Is Painfully Beautiful

By now, fans of Lea Michele know to expect the unexpected. Whether it's the number of tattoos she has or her appearance at award shows, the Glee star has proven over and over that she's anything but predictable. One big thing we didn't see coming? The release of Lea Michele's second single, "Battlefield," off Michele's upcoming album, Louder. After Michele released the first single off Louder , "Cannonball," three weeks ago, it was expected that the rest of the songs off her album would share "Cannonball"'s upbeat, pop-heavy tune. Yet while "Battlefield" is just as powerful as "Cannonball," that's about where the similarities between the two songs end.

"Battlefield," released on Friday, is a gorgeous, piano-based ballad detailing the final stages of a relationship. "What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield," Michele sings. "We both know it's coming/does illusion count for something?" And later: "You and I/we have to let each other go/peace will come/when one of us puts down the gun."

It's a beautiful song, and an especially powerful one considering that Michele has said that the entire album is extremely personal to her. "Battlefield" may well be about a break in her relationship with the late Cory Monteith, or, if not taken literally, then just about knowing when to say goodbye. Either way, it's painful in the best way.

Listen to "Battlefield" below: