This Louis Tomlinson As A Dad Halloween Costume Will Win Any Contest — PHOTOS

In case you haven't heard the good news, it is officially October. Which means that in addition to rocking some serious flannel, lusting over Max Dennison, and quoting Charlie Brown's trick-or-treating woes ("I got a rock"), this means that it's officially time to start planning Halloween costumes. Like dressing up in a Louis Tomlinson as a dad Halloween costume.

When planning the perfect costume, it's crucial to think of all of the various pop culture trends that have happened this year. Do you want to go as Taylor Swift's squad? The cast of Scream Queens? Kylie Jenner and her lip fillers? Let me answer that for you: When your Halloween costume can be Impending Fatherhood Louis Tomlinson, there is no other getup that will suffice. Not even post-One-Direction-breakup Zayn Malik.

And lucky for you, Dad Louis isn't actually that hard to emulate. Just grab some Tomlinson-like garb (a striped shirt if you're feelin' those 2012 Louis vibes), a wig that will perfectly match his hair, and a baby doll to represent his soon-to-be little bundle of joy. Maybe even one that pees and stuff — you know, just like the real thing.

Get your 2015 Louis Tomlinson Halloween costume on by following the steps below.

Match His Entire Collection Of Tattoos With This Perfect Sweatshirt

For $28 on Etsy.

You Know, To Copy All Of This In One Simple Step

Or Maybe You Feel Like Rocking A 2012 Louis Vibe:

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Obviously, 2012 Louis wasn't going to be a dad, but it's certainly the most ~recognizable~ Louis Tomlinson look.

This Striped Shirt Is What Makes You Beautiful

It's $14.99 from H&M.

And So Are These Red Pants

Less than $18 at H&M.

Or Maybe You Want To Go Classic Louis

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In A Black V-Neck...

Nine literal dollars at Target.

Black Blazer...

Under $35. Also Target.

Black Pants...

Score these bad boys for $9.99 at H&M.

And Some Black Boots

A hair under $35 at Target.

Of course, You Gotta Have Dat Louis Tomlinson Hair


(Goofy face optional.)

So Go For This "Used Car Salesman" Wig, That You Can Style Yourself

It's $16.99 at Party City.

Want To Rock Louis' Stubble?


Follow This Super Easy YouTube Tutorial

Esarina Borwei on YouTube

All you need is brown liquid eyeliner and a stipple sponge.

And, Of Course, A Baby Doll To Make The Whole Thing Complete

For just under $20 at

I'm sorry, Louis. Don't kill me.

Images: Etsy; H&M (3); Target (2) Party City;