Who Is Jared The Bartender On 'Finding Carter' Season 2? Actor Jackson Rathbone's Character Could Cause Trouble

As the Season 2A finale of Finding Carter proved, anything can happen on this MTV family drama. Fans' jaws collectively dropped when we learned that Lori has another son with David, meaning that Carter and Taylor have a biological brother: Benjamin. The Season 2B trailer of Finding Carter shows that Ben may take after Lori even more than Carter does, but he's not the only new guy stirring up trouble for the Wilson family. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Twilight star Jackson Rathbone will have a recurring role on Finding Carter , and his character may mess things up royally for Carter.

According to EW, Rathbone will play the "charming" and "business savvy" Jared whom befriends Carter — and possibly more. According to the site, Jared develops romantic feelings for Carter that cause major internal conflict — and probably plenty of external conflict, as well.

While we don't yet know what Rathbone's character will be doing in Season 2B, the above mentioned trailer does show Carter working at a bar after school, which might be the place where she mingles with an older crowd, including Jared. Could Jared be Carter's boss at this bar in addition to her love interest? It certainly seems like a possibility.

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Carter has never been stellar at school, and in the new trailer she mentions that she's actually flunking out. Eternal rebel Carter isn't so interested in fixing that problem, so instead she lies to her parents about going to a study session when she's really out working (and maybe also partying?) at a bar. While we don't see Rathbone in the trailer inside of the bar, we do see him in for a few seconds standing outside of what seems to be a gate — perhaps he's locking up after a shift?

Carter's been over head with relationships before, and it's not even the first time that she could get involved in a serious legal situation just from dating the wrong guy. Rathbone's character is of age, whereas Carter is still a minor. If Jared really is Carter's boss, that could lead to an even sketchier situation down the line. (Basically, pump the brakes, Carter. Pump them right now.)

Jared's age isn't the only thing that could cause problems for Carter down the road. It seems that Carter hasn't quite quit Crash yet: he makes an appearance in the trailer, specifically in Carter's bed. Will Carter have to choose between her older boss or the guy that has broken her heart a few times over? Maybe Carter should get on OKCupid, because both of these options kind of suck.

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