7 Disney Lyrics That Are Way Too Easy To Misinterpret

If you're like me, there is no such thing as being "too old" for the beloved Disney songs of yesteryear. I will happily belt out "A Whole New World" while sitting in traffic (with the windows down, mind you), and "Part Of Your World" is one of my top jams for karaoke nights. These iconic songs can be enjoyed by all ages, with one caveat. Once you transition into adulthood, the giddy lyrics and bubbly beats of Disney tunes suddenly start to sound a whole lot different. Taken out of context, some Disney lyrics seem lascivious enough to warrant a visit from the FCC, while others seem to be steeped in some sort of bad acid trip, and some are just downright confusing.

Innuendo in Disney films has long been a topic of conversation. I often wondered why my parents seemed to be stifling so many chuckles while watching these movies back when I was a wee one. Now that I'm a bonafide adult (I pay my bills and everything, guys!), I understand those chuckles all too well. It's difficult to fully discern whether or not the lyricists behind some acclaimed Disney songs intended for the tracks to be taken as anything but innocuous. Still, there are quite a few lyrics that I have found are way too easy to misinterpret. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. "Over, Sideways & Under On A Magic Carpet Ride." — "A Whole New World"

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Just to clarify, Aladdin and Jasmine were riding on a carpet that was literally magical and equipped with the ability to fly during this duet.

2. "Can You Sing With All The Voices Of The Mountains?" — "Colors Of The Wind"

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I half expect the mountains to join in during the chorus of this song. Inanimate objects turning...well...animate is old hat for Disney. Alas, this line is a metaphor.

3. "Darling It's Better, Down Where It's Wetter, Take It From Me." — "Under The Sea"

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The ocean is full of majestic wonders, guys.

4. "It Won't Take Long When There's A Song To Help You Set The Pace." — "Whistle While You Work"

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What? You don't like to have some tunes cued up while drudging through the monotony of household chores? I digress...

5. "They're Walking Around The Bed, On Their Head, Clippety Cloppety." — "Pink Elephants On Parade"

Honestly, this entire song — and scene in Dumbo — is beyond creepy.

6. "He's Holding Back, He's Hiding. But What, I Can't Decide. Why Won't He Be The King I Know He Is? The King I See Inside?" — "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

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7. "'Til You Shout, 'Enough! I'm Done!'" — "Be Our Guest"


Fans of Disney's Beauty and the Beast remember this song being crooned by a smorgasbord of inanimate-turned-animate objects who served Belle a lavish meal. Obviously, the lyric is referring to what one might shout after having their fill of elaborate cuisine. Taken out of context, however, the lyric could spur many an arched eyebrow.

Are you officially trying to wrench your mind out of the proverbial gutter? If so, you and I have something in common.

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