The 'Vogue' Coloring Book Is A Fashion Timehop

If you're wondering what to gift the fashionista in your life or perhaps looking for something that will surely top your holiday wish list, then the Vogue coloring book is right up your stylish alley. Fabulous cocktail dresses and ballgowns from the Vogue archives come to life on the pages of the magazine's first coloring book, which was written and illustrated by Iain R. Webb. It's been said that coloring books are therapeutic, so it makes perfect sense to combine that with the health benefits of shopping for a fulfilling and relaxing experience.

The Vogue coloring book features hand-drawn illustrations inspired by fashions from the 1950s. Iconic designs from Christian Dior, Chanel, and Balenciaga await a colorful makeover from aspiring designers and artists of all skill levels. Webb, an award-winning fashion writer and professor at the Royal College of Art, even wrote, "Now is your chance to be the designer," in the book's introduction.

The Vogue coloring book will be released in the U.K. this November and will be available in the U.S. next year. In the meantime, there are several other fashion-inspired coloring books available to fulfill anyone's dreams of becoming a high fashion designer without the stress that comes with such a high-profile gig.

Here are seven other coloring and illustration books that every fashion lover must have:

The Fashion Coloring Book by Carol Chu

$9.74 on Amazon

From Coco Chanel to Christopher Kane, more than 50 designers are featured in this playful book.

My Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti

$15.53 on Amazon

Fashion illustrator Nina Chakrabarti not only gives you the chance to color in her designs, but to also complete them, too.

Designer Doodles by Nellie Ryan

$10.41 on Amazon

Know any aspiring fashionistas in your life or just want to zone out by being creative? Give the gift of creativity and fun with this book by Nellie Ryan.

Colour Me Swiftly by Mel Elliott

$11.55 on Amazon

Color Tay in and consider yourself a part of her girl squad.

The Sneaker Coloring Book by Henrik Klingel

$16.45 on Amazon

Sneakerheads will love creating the custom kicks of their wildest dreams.

20 Ways to Draw a Dress by Julia Kuo

$14.69 on Amazon

Learn the basics of how to think and sketch like a fashion illustrator with this book.

The Fashion Sketchpad by Tamar Daniel

$13.82 on Amazon

This book has over 400 different figure templates and will teach the aspiring designer the difference between a caftan and a sheath with its illustrated glossary.

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