Chiara Ferragni Debuts Bangs During Paris Fashion Week — PHOTOS

Italian model and blogger Chiara Ferragni poses prior to the start of the Christian Dior 2016 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection fashion show, on October 2, 2015 in Paris. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)
Source: PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

One of the most fashionable runway show attendees has gone and switched up her look. Chiara Ferragni debuted bangs at the Dior show, because there’s no other time like PFW to show off something new. But, don’t get too used to The Blonde Salad having bangs just yet — by the time the Elie Saab show rolled around, it looked like they might have been gone, or at least obscured by her hat. If you can have several outfit changes, then why can’t you have multiple hairstyles in a day, too?

Maybe her bangs were just tucked away under her adorable hat, but they might not have been real to begin with. Only time will tell! However short-lived the new 'do may have been, the blogger looked great with some extra fringe in the front, so if that was just a test to see how she’d look with bangs, she passed with flying colors. While Ferragni traditionally rocks a middle part with soft curls, it was nice to see her change up her look a bit. And like I said, opting to do it during fashion week, a time when people are hyperaware of your outfit and style, was a good move.

See Ferragni with and without bangs. I think you’ll agree with me that no matter how she does her hair, she always looks great.

Here are her typical loose waves.

And here she is with bangs.

Not bad, right?

Seriously, the woman can do no wrong.

The question remains, are they here to stay? I can't know for sure, but I definitely wouldn't mind it if they were. When it comes to her hair, her outfits, and everything else — she's got this on lock.

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