Barbie Is Getting A Pat McGrath Makeover

If you aren't following @BarbieStyle on Instagram, you are missing out on some seriously amazing content. Barbie Style is Barbie's fashion blogger-style Instagram account run by Mattel, where she travels the world for fashion week, shares styled shots of her mini avocado toast and posts photos of her designer outfits. It's honestly amazing, and it's about to get even more amazing when iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath gives Barbie the fashion week treatment with makeup looks from the runway.

According to Vogue, McGrath will be giving four makeovers based on four of her most iconic makeup looks, including the faux facial jewels at Givenchy, punk-inspired looks from the 2013 Met Gala, the winged teal shadow from Versace circa 2013, and the brightly colored makeup McGrath applied to Jessica Stam in 2004. The four looks will be shared on the @BarbieStyle Instagram account over the next few days, interspersed between shots of Barbie's fabulous life while in Paris for fashion week.

McGrath recently garnered lots of attention for giving out coveted makeovers in the Tuileries during Paris Fashion Week, where the stylish elite, including Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell, received golden makeovers, so it only makes sense that McGrath is going to keep being amazing by sharing epic Barbie makeovers. Check out the first two looks below.

Here is the Givenchy-inspired look. Shall we compare to the real deal?


Spot. On.

This is the Met Gala punk makeup. How on-trend is this doll with her little septum ring? I can't wait to see the rest of these looks! For now, here's Barbie in all her Paris Fashion Week glory.

Is it weird that I'm jealous of a doll?

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Images: BarbieStyle/Instagram