Drink Through The 'Homeland' Season 5 Premiere

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since the conclusion of Homeland's fourth season — time certainly flies, doesn't it? When last we left them, Carrie, Quinn, and Saul had returned from a traumatic stint in Pakistan and were forced to confront life back home in America in the varying ways that meant for each of them. By the finale, we saw Quinn attempting to cement his relationship with Carrie and move into properly romantic territory — a plan which backfired spectacularly, given that Quinn was already halfway to Syria in a huff of rejection by the time she came to her senses and thought she might like to give it a go — and Saul ready to take a deal he probably would never have considered just a few years before. Now, with the Homeland Season 5 premiere upon us in just a few short hours, we're flashing forward two whole years, into a whole new level of drama. It's going to be amazing, and you're going to need a large amount of alcohol to get through it. How about a drinking game?

Homeland is, of course, a very good show all on its own. However, having a few special beverages on hand to down when things get heated on screen always come in handy, so why not? In order to get you through the season premiere with your sanity intact, I've made a drinking game that will ensure not only that you aren't completely devastated by the scenario we find ourselves in (Carrie in Berlin and on some crazy terrorist hit list being just part of that), but will also make your evening that much more enjoyable. Let's get to it, shall we?

Take A Sip Of Wine If:

  • Carrie does her "ugly cry"
  • Carrie mixes alcohol/prescription medication
  • Saul gives Carrie fatherly advice
  • Quinn acts macho to shield his inner pain
  • Carrie's baby appears on screen
  • Carrie's sister asks Carrie if she's still taking her meds

Take A Shot Of Vodka/Tequila/Rum/Spirit Of Your Choice If:

  • Someone tries to kill Carrie
  • Saul makes questionably dark decisions
  • Carrie & Quinn kiss
  • Dar Adal shows just how shady he is
  • Carrie debates leaving the CIA behind
  • Virgil does anything (because who doesn't love Virgil?)

Down Everything In Sight If:

  • Brody comes back to life/the show
  • Quinn dies in Syria (or anywhere, really)
  • Saul goes totally evil

It's going to be a long night.

Images: David Bloomer/Showtime; Giphy (3)