20 Halloween Costumes That Require Only One Item

When it comes to Halloween costumes, less is more. Well, less is more manageable, and certainly saves you more time and money, anyway. Instead of donning a costume with five different pieces and full-face makeup, why not look for Halloween costumes that require only one item? There are tons of characters, mythical figures, puns, animals, and items that really only need one piece in order to be recognizable. Of course, you can do a lot more with accessories, wigs, and makeup, but why work harder than you need to?

In my experience, the Halloweens I've had the most fun with were the ones where I was a.) the most comfortable, and b.) spent the least amount of time and money planning my costume. Because when you put in all that effort, the night of Halloween has a lot to live up to, and most likely, you'll be let down. When you're no longer trick-or-treating, Halloween is just another night out with friends. Bars will be crowded, and people will be drunk and stupid. Don't get me wrong — drunk and stupid can be fun. But, Halloween is like New Year's Eve in that there is so much hype surrounding the occasion that people seem to get too drunk, and thus too stupid. So in order to curb that potential disappointment, here are a bunch of Halloween costumes that you can make with only one item.

1. Cat/Mouse/Bunny/Anything With Ears

Bunny Ears, $8, Amazon

Key Item: Just the ears. Pair them with a dress, a hoodie and jeans, or a bathrobe, and you can still convincingly say you're a cat, mouse, bunny, or anything else with ears.

2. Little Red Riding Hood

Red Unisex Hoodie, $38, American Apparel

Key Item: All you need is the hood, really. The basket and cute dress underneath are more accurate additions to round out the look, but you're not Little Red without that hood.

3. A Witch

Witch Hat, $15, Spirit Halloween

Item: The pointed hat. You can wear anything with the witch hat, and people will get the picture. You will delightfully give everyone else the creeps.

4. Facebook

Body Doodlers, $8, Amazon

Key item: Black, washable face paint. And then do as Jim Halpert does, and write "book" on your face. Boom. Done.

5. Regina George

Long jersey tank top, $6, H&M

Key item: A white tank top you can cut the boobs out of. Wear a bra that isn't white or nude, and you've channeled the trend Regina George unintentionally set.

6. Self Portrait

Craig Frames, $18, Amazon

Key item: Clever and hilarious, all you need here is an empty picture frame you can hold up whenever someone wonders what your costume is.

7. Banksy

Balloon, $12, Oriental Trading

Key item: A red heart balloon is all you need to recreate the famous street artist's work.

8. A Big Kid

Adult hooded onesie, $40, Forever Lazy

Key item: Don't even pretend that you haven't wanted to rock an adult onesie at least once. They're comfortable, and they take you right back to childhood. Put one on, and there's no question that you're a giant child.

9. Wednesday Addams

1960s Pencil Dress, $78, Unique Vintage

Key item: A black dress, preferably with a collar. Your hair will need to be in pigtail braids, but you don't need a wig or anything. No matter what color your hair is, as long as you maintain an epic level of sarcasm and a RBF, people will know you're Wednesday.

10. Skeleton

X-ray Visionary Top, $55, ModCloth

Key item: Anything with bones to scale. This sweater will do.

11. Troll

Orange Troll Wig, $25, Amazon

Key item: A troll wig. That's it! And the brighter the better.

12. A Ghost

Linen Tablecloth, $9, Amazon

Key item: A white sheet, or tablecloth with eye holes cut out.

13. Chip On Your Shoulder

Lays Chips

Key item: A bag of chips you can tape or safety pin to your shoulder. A shirt that matches the chip bag is ideal, but not necessary. Feel free to snack on your costume throughout the night.

14. Any Pro Athlete

NHL Jersey, $80-$130, Amazon

Key item: If you have a jersey with a player's last name across the back, there you go!

15. Pippi Longstocking

Ornament Hangers, $5, Amazon

Key item: Wire hangers. Use your usual hair bands, and braid them into pigtails. Once that's done, stick wire hangers through each braid, and adjust as necessary. Here's a helpful tutorial.

16. A Doctor

Unisex Doctor Lab Coat, $22, Spirit Halloween

Key item: Just the lab coat. People will think you're either a doctor or a scientist, and either way, you look like a genius.

17. THAT Dress

What is the Color Dress, $20, Yandy

Key item: The famous mysteriously colored dress is now a costume, and it's only one piece. Score!

18. A Pumpkin

Pumpkin Tee, $17, Spirit Halloween

Key Item: An orange t-shirt with a pumpkin face on it. It's really that simple.

19. Smartie Pants

Smarties Candy, $10, Amazon

Key item: A bag full of Smarties candy. Then, tape them onto your pants, and you've got it made in the shade.

20. Checkered Flag

Checkered Flag Dress, $35, Spirit Halloween

Key item: I'm not typically a fan of women's costumes because they are often needlessly sexualized and not at all comfortable, but this checkered flag dress looks fun AND cozy.

Image: Orion Pictures; NBC Universal; Amazon (10); Spirit Halloween (4); Forever Lazy; Unique Vintage; ModCloth; Yandy; H&M; American Apparel; Giphy (3)