Harrison Wells' 'Flash' Mystery Will Only Deepen

The Flash sprinted right into my heart from the word "go" in its first season. Spot-on casting, authentic emotions, and a sharp sense of humor have all been factors in the series' success so far. But what's a superhero show without a conflict that holds your attention? The mystery of Harrison Wells and the murder of Barry Allen's mother provided the story thrust in Season 1, and set up an epic finale showdown that cost Eddie Thawne his life. The good news is, his sacrifice kept the Reverse-Flash from killing, oh, everyone else. With Eobard Thawne erased from existence, where does that leave the scientist whose body he hijacked? Will Harrison Wells appear in Season 2 of The Flash ?

The fine people who make The Flash have made no effort to keep from the fandom that Tom Cavanagh, the actor who plays Wells, is still a member of the full-time cast for Season 2. While my fellow Flashies and I (I'm coining this, just go with it) were still reeling from the last chapter of the show's freshmen year, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg was already confirming to The Hollywood Reporter that Eddie's valiant act didn't mean Cavanagh would be let go from the series. "Tom Cavanagh will be back," he said. "That is not in question. Tom Cavanagh will continue to be a regular." This is excellent but also confusing news; Cavanagh is charming and dangerous in the part, but now the meat of that role needs to change. The CW isn't offering up any hints on his new characterization in any of the its promo trailers, that's for sure.

The whole cast appeared at the DC Television panel at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, where Grant Gustin shed a sliver of light on the future of the character. Cinema Blend reported that Gustin told the ballroom The Flash would be "introducing the multiverse concept, so that’s why he exists still somewhere." Being that this is a show (and a hero) that deals with the nature of time itself, paradoxes are its friend. The season ended with Barry running right into an ominous black hole; who knows how many other entrances are hidden around the city between "their" universe and countless others? Wells could be in any or all of those, and he could possess any number of different personalities. So: friend or foe? That is the question.

According to Cavanagh himself, the Season 1 finale didn't spell the end of the Wells mystery. In other words, don't expect the good doctor to be all clear motivations from here on out. He told Comic Book Resources (albeit vaguely) that his character will still be a cog in the mythology:

Which Thawne was the good Thawne? Which Thawne was the bad Thawne? It ended up being a big part of our season finale. I think we employed that device of using Harrison Wells to do that last year. And I think this year we’ll try a different tactic, but in some ways they’re not too dissimilar from one another.

However his return comes about, I'm just glad we're not losing Harrison Wells and Tom Cavanagh to the TV void for good.

Image: Cate Cameron /The CW