The New 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Captain Wants To Break Up Jake & Amy, But They Thankfully Don't Give Up That Easily

We waited so long for Jake and Amy to finally get together on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. OK, so it's only been two seasons, but hey, that's like 12 human years, isn't it? Anyway, when they finally made things official in the Season 3 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it was one of the most satisfying TV moments I've seen in a while. Unfortunately, Jake and Amy's relationship was put in danger during Sunday night's second episode of the season as the new captain on Brooklyn Nine-Nine attempted to break up the couple.

Now I know all good things must come to an end, but are you kidding me? Jake and Amy can't even have one episode of bliss before someone tries to break them up? If every episode of the season continues as a variation on this plotline, which I fear that it will, then I just don't know if my Jake-and-Amy-loving heart will be able to handle it.

But I guess this episode gave me yet another reason to hate the new captain, a.k.a the Vulture, which is never a bad thing. That guy is so grotesque, it feels good to be constantly justified in my feelings.

The reason why Sunday night's episode should make the Vulture a permanent villain in your eyes too is because he gave Jake an impossible choice to make: either break up with Amy or lose his status as a detective and be demoted to be a beat cop again. Of course, Jake loves his job as detective and after finally succeeding in starting a romantic relationship with Amy, he didn't want to give that up so quickly either. What's a Peralta to do?

Luckily, Jake and Amy always have the gumption to never go down without a fight, and they're even better when they're together. Jake and Amy came up with a couple of plans to get some help from some individuals in the NYPD with some clout, one of which was Captain Holt, who returned to the Nine-Nine to give the Vulture a head's up about the media attention the funeral of Captain Dozerman would be getting later that day. Unfortunately, Captain Holt had "a bad case of the funeral cranks," as Jake put it because he was not the captain of the 99th Precinct anymore and no one seemed to care about his absence. Therefore, he felt like he couldn't do anything to keep this ship sailing.

After Jake and Amy's Plan B fell a part at Captain Dozerman's funeral, the Vulture told Jake that was it. He had to go back to being a beat cop. Seeing as how their relationship got in the way of their careers, something neither of them wanted, Amy looked like she was ready to call it quits yet again. And I was ready to pull my hair out over this frustrating back-and-forth with Jake and Amy. However, Jake delivered a lovely toast about not caring about being demoted but just glad to be with Captain Dozerman in spirit, a sentiment that was really meant for Amy.

By the end of the episode, it seemed like Jake and Amy's relationship was hopeless. But thank goodness for Captain Holt, which is something I say to myself even when I'm not watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, because he came to the rescue and figured that he could offer to put the Vulture's photo on the NYPD website, appealing to his love for media attention, and this whole business about breaking the couple up and Jake being demoted would be forgotten. "Anything for the Nine-Nine," Captain Holt said at the end of the episode.

You really know how to make a girl's heart melt, Captain Holt. And it's always nice to be reminded that one of your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters is rooting for Jake and Amy to make it as a couple as much as you are.

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