Will Durrani Popal Be Fired From DASH? Her Fellow Doll Lexie May Have Sealed Her Fate

Togetherness is a great thing, but consider this: The more time you spend with a group of people, the more time there is for weird rifts to flare up. With the DASH Dolls working together, partying together, and, in some cases, living together, conflict basically impossible to avoid. Durrani and Lexie, the "O.G. DASH Dolls" have been working for the company for the longest, and therefore have the longest and most tumultuous relationship of any of the ladies on the show. Jealousy, trash talk, and Instagram all play a role in their fight on Sunday's episode, and Lexie nearly gets Durrani fired from her dream job.

Their clash is kicked off when Lexie asks a favor of Durrani. Durrani has 255,000 Instagram followers to Lexie's 4700. Lexie, who designs jewelry with her best friend and business partner, gifts Durrani a necklace from her collection and asks her to post a photo on her social media. Durrani agrees, but is clear that she'll share her friend's content after she fulfills her obligations to the companies who sponsor her to promote their products, which is totally fair. Seeing as an endorsement from Durrani means enough that others are willing to pay for it, she could have asked Lexie for a fee as well, in my opinion.

When the photo doesn't go up immediately, Lexie takes it personally and retaliates instead of taking her concerns to her friend. The professionalism that the Kardashians want from their employees hits kindergarten level when Lexie actually tattles on Durrani for taking an extra-long bathroom break for selfie purposes. Manager Jennifer reprimands Durrani for the slip and gives her an official write-up. Too many of these, and the Doll is gone. Whatever friendship they had has taken a big hit, and Durrani is left considering that maybe she and Lexie were never really friends at all.

Frustrated by her employees' constant tiffs, Malika advises Durrani on rising above petty differences and calls in the big guns. ("You're gonna like each other to get sh*t done.") Khloé Kardashian sweeps into DASH in acid wash jeans and braids so long and tight they'd be a halfway-decent murder weapon, and puts the fear of god into her Dolls. Lexie breaks the cardinal rule of being a bro when she makes a personal appeal to her boss to save her own job and totally misrepresents the necklace incident. "Nazy and Durrani are doing this kind of mean-girl tag-team," she whines to Khloé, which prompts Khloé to pull Durrani aside and remind her that her future employment at DASH is not a sure thing.

Eventually, Lexie and Durrani bury the hatchet over dinner, thanks to some meddling by Nazy. Nazy, by the way, gets Lexie's apology first and doesn't think it's 100 percent genuine. But, she wants to restore some peace and figures that even if all the girls aren't going to be completely in love with the sight of each other, civility is more than enough. Some of Lexie's actions were the product of her own insecurities; she tells Durrani that she feels "left out" of the group sometimes. But, sabotaging her friends and coworkers isn't the way to endear herself to them. And, it's far from cool to threaten someone's job and livelihood just because her feelings are hurt.

I hope Lexie learned her lesson about dealing with friend fights head-on, instead of airing grievances behind the other person's back.

Image: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment