How To Make Your Boots Snowproof

Got a favorite pair of boots, but not sure if they’re up for the sludgy conditions winter weather can bring? Luckily, you can learn how to make boots snowproof. As the self-professed queen of #DIYFails I promise that, if I can do this, so can you!

First things first — if you don’t even have a winter boot game plan yet, no worries! Bustle writers have already started getting you ready for winter and rounded up tons of epic boot ideas. For chilly weather style inspiration, check out these essential boots for trudging through the snow, all-weather boots that are actually stylish, and this must-read list of cute snow boots.

Once you’ve snowproofed your boots, don’t forget to layer properly so your feet stay extra warm and cozy. Grab a pair of the warmest socks ever, and pop them on over a pair of extra toasty winter tights.

As for making your boots snowproof, read through the strategies below to figure out which will work best for your specific boot type. With a little patience and DIY magic, your boots will be good to go in winter flurries in no time!

1. Waterproofing Spray

Universal Waterproofing Spray, $15, Amazon

Safe for all footwear, recommends applying waterproofing spray to boots to fight off snow with ease. I personally suggest Granger's, as it's suitable for all shoe materials.

2. Rubber Grips

Winter Trax, $15, Amazon

If your major snow-proofing concern is trekking out after an unexpected storm, The Daily Mail suggests purchasing a pair of Winter Trax. Popping the trax onto the bottom of your boots provide the grip you need to walk safely over snow and ice with ease.

3. Wax It Up

Leather Care Trio, $36, Birchbox

For leather boots, a wax coating can work wonders. Birch Box blog recommends Armstrong's All Natural Leather Care Trio and I'm all about it, too! Using only 100 percent natural waxes and oils, this kit protects your boots with environmentally safe products like carnauba wax, beeswax, and grapeseed oil.

Image Credit: Maria Morri/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands