Flight Attendant Leaves Encouraging Notes On Airplanes & Inspires #WordsFromTheWindowSeat — VIDEO

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and so is the unfortunate hellscape of making all your travel plans. But maybe this year won't be nearly as stressful if you end up getting one of flight attendant Taylor Tippet's inspiring notes for passengers. The DC-based American Air employee started leaving the notes on windows and in passenger pamphlets as a pick-me-up for travelers and chronicling them with #WordsFromTheWindowSeat on Instagram. Since then, the lovely sentiments and her chipper demeanor have attracted over 120,000 followers to her personal account.

Tippet was recently featured in Seeker Stories for the remarkable trend. She shared that at first she was inspired by a quote that she read in a book and wanted to share, and it all started spinning into motion from there. "If I'm not encouraging and inspiring others, what am I doing with my life?" said Tippet. She shared on her Instagram account that she hardly ever knows what day it is or where she'll be tomorrow, but that she enjoys the thrill of seeing the world and meeting up to 300 new people a day.

"For other people to connect and feel loved or just feel understood and heard, like, that is all that matters to me," she said.

Tippet shared that for the most part, the window notes are more to inspire her Instagram audience than the passengers themselves. Their experiences with them are much more intimate — to avoid confusing or alarming any passengers by taping them to the windows, she tucks them into the chair pocket materials for them to find.

Since Tippet started using the hashtag, she has inspired tons of copycats from flight attendants and fellow passengers alike, who are spreading her words of inspiration around the globe.

To learn more about Tippet and her vision for the project, watch the feature on her below:

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Images: taylortippet/Instagram